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Hi. I just started nursing school 4 weeks ago! We already have papers to do in addition to all the studying and exams coming up. I just wanted to ask if anyone can help me out with this evidence... Read More

  1. by   misschiatia
    I just pulled a few nsg dx's out of the book that might GENERALLY relate to a medical dx of MI. Nick RN, not being a hospital nurse, i honestly didnt know that about the pathophysiology as far as when impaired gas exchange becomes an issue. Thanks for the very pertinent info.(Seriously, been off the floor and in the office for a couple of years) Also, if the nursing student is attending ANY reputable program for nurses, help with a couple of homework assignments wont hurt her. Truth be told, if she doesnt learn critical thinking, she wont even pass the exit exam, much less sit for boards. A little help along the way might help, but it certainly won't hurt, because we won't be there when it really counts
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    Well, first of all..let just me clarify this…I didn’t post this thread for any of you to do my assignment for me. I wouldn’t want or expect you to do this assignment, ok?

    Secondly, I was just confused by the assignment because it was very vague with the directions on how to do the assignment. I just put “MI” as an example.
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    here is one of our gem threads from our daytonite who helped students get on the right path:
    myocardial infarction nursing care plan - nursing for nurses

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    Quote from coolpeachmoy
    Well, first of all..let just me clarify this...I didn't post this thread for any of you to do my assignment for me. I wouldn't want or expect you to do this assignment, ok?

    Secondly, I was just confused by the assignment because it was very vague with the directions on how to do the assignment. I just put "MI" as an example.
    If the directions are vague, your instructor should be the one to clarify. If we decide to provide you with the wrong information, the assignment would be incorrect.
  5. by   nursel56
    I think it's better all the way around if you try to stay within the teacher-student-classmate loop to resolve problems stemming from communication, such as you not understanding what you are supposed to do. The reason for that is -- your education is a 2 way street and it will help you in the long run to let her get to know what kind of learner you are. I'm not sure from your post what you did specifically to get it clarified before asking the allnurses, but I do know that interacting with your classmates in the form of study groups, etc can have a synergistic effect.

    In my experience, it's last moment before you want to pound your head repeatedly on your table, when everything falls into place- so short-circuiting that process never gives you the "aha" moment. Well that's how I am anyway! Good luck!
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  7. by   decembergrad2011

    I just want to offer some encouragement. It took me a little bit to figure out what exactly a care plan was all about, and part of why I was able to do it so well was because we had them laid out rather well for us by our instructor. Now I am a pro at them and, unlike many of my classmates, love putting the pieces together and writing them for an interesting patient. Stick with it - you will get there by the end of the semester.

    Please do ask your instructor for clarification on an assignment when you are confused.

    I use Carpenito's "Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis" and I love it. It lists out a fairly comprehensive list of diagnoses and what characteristics the patient must have to consider it a legitimate diagnosis, as well as other characteristics that could support the diagnosis further. If your school already has a book like this - utilize it! I lived in this book for the entire first year of nursing school, and I still reference it often for clarification.

    Personally, I would choose something easy like Ineffective Airway Clearance and then look up pulmonary toilet in regards to possible interventions. There are so many good, easy to think of interventions that nurses can do for respiratory, not to mention being able to collaborate with the respiratory therapist. I feel like the heart has a lot more easily discernible medical interventions than nursing interventions, but that's just me.

Evidence Based Paper--need help!