ebooks vs text books

  1. I have a choice between using Evolve eBooks or text books for my classes. I've never used eBooks.

    What do you all think of eBooks? Advantages vs disadvantages.
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  3. by   BacktotheBeach
    My school uses Evolve, but we get both the actual textbooks as well as the online code for the ebooks. This allows you to look up information across the multiple books that you may have. I would not want Ebooks only!!
  4. by   Sand_Dollar
    I hate ebooks to be honest. I took a bunch of gen ed classes that only offered the ebook, and I would always end up printing them out. Personally, I would go with text books, especially for NS classes. You can always keep them on your shelf or sell them to recover some of your cost, which you can't with ebooks. I also like to highlight my texts and I couldn't do that with ebooks. If you could get both (like a friend of mine is), that would be best; you can then use the text for studying and the ebook if you need to refer to it.

    Good luck!
  5. by   caliotter3
    Ebooks only is not a good option. Get the regular book if you have a choice. Your computer can malfunction, then you don't have access to the ebook. This happened to me one time and I was without access to my "book" for a very good portion of the semester. Furthermore, the ebook subscription has a time limit, so it is really not a good value. If you want to save money, then rent the text and get one edition old if you can. I rented a one edition old text for $11.99 from chegg.com.
  6. by   itsmejuli
    The eBooks that are being offered are on DVD with no expiry and with additional access to online resources.

    These ebooks have software to highlight, search, create notes and create flashcards and to cross reference various books in the personal library.
  7. by   BacktotheBeach
    that sounds like the online access I get, but I get all the textbooks, too. How much does the Ebook option cost? Mine is around $1000 for both bundled-books and ebooks.
  8. by   Rednights
    Made on the fly study guides using the evolve ebooks (CTRL+F --> COPY ---> PASTE --> PRINT ... fun times). Loved it to death. The obvious pro for ebooks is they as much as the laptop/netbook you get it from.