many units is one bag of blood?

  1. 0 many units is one bag of blood?

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    One : )
    One unit is 450 ml
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    Depends on the product.

    - PRBCS = 1 unit
    - Granulocytes = 1 unit
    - Platelet Pheresis = 1 unit
    - Platelets random donor - 6-9 units, varies
    - Cryoprecipitate = multiple units in a bag, marked on bag

    ML Amounts in blood bags vary widely, even within each category.
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    great question! i remember asking that very same question as a student and the nurse i was shadowing looked at me as though i had two heads!
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    Quote from JROregon
    One : )
    One unit is 450 ml
    I dont think I have ever got more than 350 out of a unit of PRBCs
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    Just saying a bag is a unit.
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    Quote from JROregon
    Just saying a bag is a unit.
    oh oh gotcha! and yes I agree haha
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    One unit for us is 250...
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    Wow, I'm so glad I read this thread! I always just assumed one bag = one unit; it's good to know that apparently it varies by product, and how much you actually get out of it is different too! I learn so much stuff on AllNurses that we would never cover in school, it is amazing!
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