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I need help remember what color corresponds to a particular needle gauge. my patient had a pink cathether but it didn't have a gauge size labeled. what are all the colors and sizes?... Read More

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    Quote from daytonite
    the colors are not universal! 20 gauge jelcos are pink; 20 gauge bd insytes are green. some manufacturers use different color codes. .

    actually iv colors are universal (at least in the us) they changed them to universal colors a several years ago. however, i have worked in hospitals where i pulled out some iv caths that were older than i am, so there still some of the old pre-universal caths lying around.

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    Here's a cool little ryme we came up with to remember. I sometimes have a bad habit of taking something simple and describing it in a way that is WAAAY more difficult than it really is, so please bear with me, LOL!

    Think about the earth from the dirt all the way up to the sun, in order:

    The dirt is gray (16)
    The grass is green (18)
    The flowers are pink (20)
    The sky is blue (22)
    The sun is yellow (24)

    See how everything goes from the ground up? Maybe I've confused y'all even worse, but in my convoluted mind, it seemed to click for me. :-) Hope this helps some of you!

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    14g are orange.
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    Unfortunately 27 gauges are also gray but I seriously doubt anybody would confuse one with a 16!
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    Hey, you can fit the orange 16g into the mnemonic because underneath the gray dirt is "orange" magma in the earth's mantle! I guess just go from the core of the earth all the way up to the sun, LOL!
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    Quote from truern
    We don't use 16g or 24g, but I remember the others by thinking I'd turn green if somebody came at me with an 18g, twenty TWO rhymes with blue, and pink is just the other one LOL

    When my husband has triple bypass sx the anesthesiologist put in two 14g IVs. I almost died!! They looked like garden hoses!!
    OMG! If someone came at me with 14g I would run for the hills.

    Here is a guide:
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    There is a color coding system for peripheral venous cannulae:

    22G Blue
    20G Pink
    18G Green
    17G White
    16G Grey
    (14G Brown)

    However, there is also a DIFFERENT color coding system for hypodermic needles, namely:

    27G (Outer diameter is 0.4 mm) Grey
    25G (Outer diameter is 0.5 mm) Orange
    23G (Outer diameter is 0.6 mm) Blue
    21G (Outer diameter is 0.8 mm) Green

    I hope this clarifies the issue.

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    i think it vary based on the institution as well as the manufacturer, but at my hospital:
    [color="deepskyblue"]blue rhymes with 22g
    green rhymes with 18g
    pink - 20g (the other one lol)

    the only other one i've seen (and only once) is gray, which is 16g.

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