Best ways to study and get work done? Best ways to study and get work done? | allnurses

Best ways to study and get work done?

  1. 0 I was wondering... Wen you get a bunch of assignment as well as a midterm coming up, do you usually study studystudy and then r use to get theory done or do you get your workdoneand hope you have enough time tidiest he information?
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    um not sure I understand what you are saying but my best study method is to condense, condense, condense the information. I try to type it all out into 1 or 2 page printable sheets per topic. I'm a visual learner, so making different colored boxes, using different fonts and highlighting, and placing information in charts really helps a lot. I'm a big fan of Microsoft OneNote.
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    I am a visual learner, too, and I like doing many of the same things that Clovery mentioned. I also like to rewrite my's tedious but it helps me retain information.
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    Ok I guess I wasn't clear.If you have a midterm coming up and you have assignments due as well, how do you tackle everything? Study first then assignments or get the assignments out of the way first?
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    I usually do the assignments enough in advance that it doesn't interfere with studying for exams. I have a planner with assignments & tests color-coded so I can see at a glance what's coming up for the next week or two. I try to stay a week ahead at least on assignments most of the time.
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    I study first, because our assignments are just marked satisfactory or unsatisfactory; the only thing that counts towards our letter grade is our tests. When I do my assignments, I tend to go a little overboard and be a perfectionist about it, spending more time on it than I really need to. So if I put the assignments off until last, I'm forced to just get it done in the remaining time and not obsess over the details which I rarely get recognized for anyway.
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    The thing is, our class that has written assignments that are determined in class discussion. I won't know what subject I have until its given so I can't work super far in advance on these.
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    I work ahead as much as I possibly can, but like you said, sometimes you can't. I like to get the paperwork out of the way, then study. I am not having a lot of issues at this point getting it all done, but we'll see how I feel during finals week!