Any tips or tricks for pathophysiology?

  1. 0 Hi everyone, I'm taking patho this summer and its a condensed 6 week course which means our tests are worth an insane amount. There is little to no room for error. The instructor seems very knowledgable but has told us she hates our textbook and will not be using it and that she doesn't do power points. So I'm planning on taping her lectures and making notes in class as much as possible. I really want to be successful in this course but was hoping for anything that helped other people to understand concepts and do well. It seems so overwhelming right now knowing I will learn something so indepth in only 6 short weeks! Any advice is appreciated!
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    Go to Amazon right this minute and get the Physiology Coloring Book (and while you're at it, get the Anatomy Coloring Book). These are real resources that I always recommend to students. They are not that expensive and believe me, they will save your bacon for A&P and patho. Many folks here have thanked me for this; you will too.

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    If you are going to tape the lecture, I suggest getting the Dragon software. It is voice recognition so that you can then either use the recorder and voice the lecture and then it will type it for you or if you are in a small room you could ask the instructor to read a small story for the software and then you can put the lecture into the software and it will transcribe the lecture. I used it for A and P. It took a while to get the software to recognize all the medical terms but the added work was definitely worth it. To be able to listen to the lecture is one thing. To be able to read it and go over it again and again provides such clarity. Good luck!
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    I suggest picking up the book Clinical Pathophysiology Made Ridiculously SimpleIt breaks down the concepts in the simplest form. It has helped me through all my classes so far.
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    Thanks guys/girls!!! I will look into all those things today!!
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    I have some advice given to me by my program...
    Don't memorize individual medications, memorize groups of them. For example, a medication that ends in "LOL" is a beta blocker, and ACE inhibitors usually end in "APRIL". Grouping them this way should make pharm a less daunting subject.
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    I second the Made Easy series. I have used it all through nursing school for different classes and it has helped a lot. It helps to give you a good foundation. They do not go into detail, but having the foundation helps you build upon it and understand the concepts.
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    brush up on your A&P - if you have a really solid A&P base, Patho isn't so intimidating. all you have to do is remember what pathos affect what and you'll automatically know your signs and symptoms, diagnostics and general treatments/interventions.
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    I second the coloring book. It's a relaxing way to study without it feeling dry. I used the anatomy one to prep for another allied health board exam and I believe it helped me pass on my first attempt.
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