Any Good IV Therapy or Nursing Procedure Web Sites

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    I'm in my second semester and I'm kinda confused about doing this set up, like the drip factor and all that. The instructor taught us, but I still don't get it. The paper I'm refering to study from doesn't make sense. Could somebody please explain to me, in easier terms(like what is a tubing and needless canula, etc). Thank you so much!:uhoh21:

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    The tubing that you are talking about is called "secondary"-- it is used in conjunction with primary tubing. Secondary tubing is used for giving piggy back medications such as antibiotics.

    In the recent past, we used needles on the end of the secondary tubing to insert into the primary tubing at the different ports, then usually put a piece of tape around it so that it would not get pulled out. Nurses would get stuck, etc. Now they have what is called the "needleless" system, where the tubing can attach directly without the needle.

    Hope that this helps and good luck with your clinicals.
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    Quote from tlcmel
    Thank you.
    Does anyone know of any good sites where I could view the parts and details of all this.
    Do you have a skills book? It should be in there. We use Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques 5th ed. by Perry & Potter.It's really good if you don't have one.
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    These links are excellent resources for IV therapy:

    IV Therapy

    IV calculation

    ENW: I.V. Starts ---Improving Your Odds!
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    also try (Infusion Nurses Society)
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    peripheral venous access devices:
    central venous access devices (cvads):
    picc lines:
    tpn (total parenteral nutrition):
    iv flow rate and calculation problems:
    blood transfusion:
    iv infusion devices/pumps
    table of commonly used iv solutions
    iv tips & tricks:
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    Another GREAT resource:
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    Does anyone know any good website that explains about syringes and how to mix and dilute different types of drugs? I am having my test-off in four days and I have no clue how to proceed. I'd really appreciate any help.
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    hope this is what you are looking for. the only drugs i can think of that you want to dilute would be iv drugs. you can find some of that information on the chart i've linked you into below. if you are looking for the re-constitution directions for some of the antibiotics and steroids you can get that information from by looking up the professional's information about a specific drug at their site. - i'm not sure that this is what you are looking for. this is a chart from a pharmacy policy manual that directs nursing how to administer iv push medications with the specific instructions for certain iv push medications. you might want to keep this list around somewhere, however, because these kinds of charts are often hard to come across when you need one!
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    IM Injection Sites - great resource!
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