What shoes are you getting for clinicals? - page 4

I need to buy a pair of white shoes for clinicals and I am torn on whether to go for sneakers or nursing clogs. What did you/are you going to get and do you recommend them or would you pass on them in the future?... Read More

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    I got a pair of Klog brand shoes. I start clinical in a few weeks so I haven't tried them out there yet but I've been wearing them around the house and they're soooo comfortable, but feel sturdy and firm at the same time. They kinda look like a cross between sneakers and nursing shoes, pretty cool. And even better, I got them for 40 bucks

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    I bought a pair of solid white sketchers from shoe carnival and they are very comfortable.
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    I swear by Merrell -- something very similar to this:


    Great support, and my feet don't hurt. Each pair has lasted about 2.5 - 3 years each. I have a black pair but they do come in white.
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    White ones.
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    White Croc bowen sneakers were the most comfortable for me. I had a pair of nike shox as well but I kept going back to the crocs.

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