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I need to buy a pair of white shoes for clinicals and I am torn on whether to go for sneakers or nursing clogs. What did you/are you going to get and do you recommend them or would you pass on them in the future?... Read More

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    I worried about that too before starting clinicals. I crossed my fingers when I bought a pair of white Sketcher Sports which were on sale & they have been great; still wearing them 3 years later! I have never had any problem with my feet hurting. I tried to wear my regular Nike's one night after starting working but I hurt soooo bad by the end of the shift, I've never tried that again! Just bought a pair of Sketcher D'Lites in tan to change up with the white ones. They feel a little different than the Sports, but don't cause my feet any problems either.

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    Check out our Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear fprum for members advice.
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    I bit the bullet and got a pair of Dansko's.. My school doesn't allow sneakers or crocs and I didn't want to buy some cheap quality shoe that is uncomfortable, so I got a pair of Dansko's and they seem super comfortable.
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    I got a pair of Danskos because I am a distance runner and have foot pain already, and my podiatrist said these will save your feet and are well worth the money since you will be on your feet ALL day. Good shoes are well worth the price for saving your feet/back. If you decide to go with Danskos, make sure to go into a store to be fitted for them-they are hand sewn so the sizing may vary a little and you don't want to spend a lot of money on the wrong size shoes! Also, the store recommended wearing them around the house for about 4 hours at a time to get used to them and to give the shoe time to mold to your foot.
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    I bought a pair of cherokees, cut to look like danskos but with extra padding at the top and an elastic cut out on each side for flexibility. I was looking at Danskos because out of all the shoes I tried on, they were the most comfortable. However, when I tried on the Cherokees, the extra padding across the top of the foot was worth it's weight in gold. Add the fact that they were 75 dollars cheaper than Danskos, and I'm a fan.
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    I had a pair of Asic's and they were comfortable but I kept getting shin splints and they didn't uphold very well.
    I have a pair of Dansko's. Sooooooo comfortable and great support and no shin splints. Expensive but they will easily last me through the entire program.
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    I've had danskos sketchers klog brand and I don't even remember how many others. For me I like sneakers. The danskos are too hard after 8 hours. I find a good pair of comfy sneakers are better any day we have to wear non skid go so my choices are limited. My favorite all time are my k Swiss but they're not non skid

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    I got some Nursemate Doves and I really like them.
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    I would love some danskos but doubt that anyone will gift them to me. I am thinking I will get nursemates probably Dove, Bryar or Callie. These look pretty comfortable Timberland PRO Womens Renova Professional Slip On Shoes 85612

    I feel like seeing a podiatrist because I already have foot pain. I used to have plantar fasciitis but I lost weight and that went away. Now I have think I have bursitis or a heel spur in my right foot...ugh. I also have low arches. I am just a mess.
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    I have a pair of New Balance 844 walking shoes and a pair of New Balance 495 walking shoes. I might be buying a pair of used Danskos from a retired nurse. I'm wondering do they loose their ability to be comfortable after a while or is buying a used pair okay? I know it seems gross to buy used shoes but there is no way i could afford a new pair!

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