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i have been having alot of trouble finding a watch that can handle the rigors of being washed alot and also some of the plastic bands make me break out. i have to wear hydrocortisone creme with a bandaid under my watch or i have... Read More

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    I paid $10 at Big Lots for a Timex Indiglo with a pink plastic band. I've had it for several years with no problem. What really cracks me up is that people compliment me on it all the time.
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    I have a watch from Wal-mart. I've had it for a few years and only replaced the band once. So far it hasn't even needed a new battery, but I know thats coming. I'll just buy a new one at that point. I won't risk my nice watches at work so I just wear the cheap ones. If they get ruined or break its not a huge loss.

    I have the same problem breaking out. I've found if I only wear my watch while I'm at work or out of the house and take it off at home it helps "air out" the skin.
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    I received a Seiko for graduation and love it but I had to send it out to have the day/date thingy fixed. My 8 year old bought a $5 pink velco digital/hand combo at WalMart so I had been using that.
    However, Thursday, I was assisting an OB/GYN with a labor induction. The patient's water broke and shot out with such pressure that the fluid saturated my watch band.
    In light of that, I would recommend that you get a metal band watch that can take a good scrubbing!
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    Quote from danissa
    This is a Fob watch, pins to your uniform. Great things, I had a heart shaped one with Eyore on the face until the other day, when I took my scrubs from the drier..and the watch was still attatched! Guess its not waterproof..or drier proof either! It's all broke!! And I got it as a present too!
    Wishin for another one now, its so handy to have a watch pined to your front!
    I found your watch but it's in the UK.

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    My Seiko 7T84 has gone to hell (Iraq) and back with only a few scratches. I got it for 80 bucks online.
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    plastic/jelly watch from allheart.com

    Easy to clean and germs can't soak in
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    I have a swiss army watch that has military time, a large watch face with a lrge second hand and also has a LED light I can use for Neuro Checks, better then any pen light I own and I am on my second one. The down side is the watch was discontinued and it can only be serviced at a swiss army authorized place and the batteries are expensive, but I bought the same watch off e-bay for 1/2 the price after my first one broke from all of the abuse it took over 3 years. My Aunt who is the one who bought it for me loved it, she is a ER RN, I got her the same exact watch for her b-day. WE love these watches as RN's and everyone always asks where they can get one.
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    I bought a fob watch off Ebay and pinned it to my lanyard. It's silver colored and has a place for enragving if I ever decide to have that done. I love it! Saves me from wearing a wristwatch which I always hated.
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    I use a Fossil as well. I used it for everyday wear and it works fine in the hospital when I am doing clinicals. It is waterproof and thee strap is leather, which I like.
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    It's tough trying to find a men's watch with alot of the features most nurses recommend, but I found it!!


    -Plastic band
    -Water resistant 165 ft
    -Big numbers
    -I think it has glow in the dark hands??
    -Button to illuminate the numbers

    I got this during a crazy sale at Kohl's for $13.00. Not bad for a budget watch!

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