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i have been having alot of trouble finding a watch that can handle the rigors of being washed alot and also some of the plastic bands make me break out. i have to wear hydrocortisone creme with a... Read More

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    I have always had a timex with the date and leather black band. I also break out if I wear anything but gold. the leather does not make me breakout. For a few years I had a mudd charm watch but the batteries last only a few months so I went back to the timex.
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    that's a good question, though practically, a nurse should wear water resistant watches which are automatic ones (which does not require change of batteries every afte 1-2 years) which incluedes the date (Month/day/year/day of the week). the numbers and hands on the watch should be visible as well. mine is timex! its a good choice!
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    A cheap 10 dollar one from Wal Mart. Plastic with soft edges so I don't give anyone skin tears. At first it was because I figured that if I got it nasty filthy I could just toss it and get a new one... but they last YEARS and I've yet to shove my hand that far up someone's bum without a glove lol
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    i use a silver waterproof watch that my mother gave me while i was still a student nurse up to now i still use it forgot the brand though
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    wear a cheap watch from Kmarts, but the watch with military time sounds sweet.
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    Fossill, burgi and August Stein, they are all waterproof and they last forever !
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    I don't remember the brand of mine... but I got it for $14 at Walmart. If it breaks or something, it's cheap enough to not have it be a big deal. I'd just get another cheap one, lol.