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What is your favorite scrub brand and why? - page 2

What are your favorite scrubs and why? * Brand / Style * Is it fit? * Color * Wearability I tend to buy my scrubs @ scrubcabana.com online and have loved their service and quality but... Read More

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    I really like Blue Sky scrubs.. they fit fantastically and are very flattering.

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    I absolutely love Landau. They are soft and never have that stiff, itchy feeling when they're brand new. I like the top style no. 8219 because of the double pockets, and I like the pant style 8555 (even though they're mens' pants, but I'm tall enough) because they have cargo pockets and they have a high elastic waist with a drawstring. And they are available in a lot of colors.
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    I used to love Cherokee stuff. Then all of my pieces started shrinking. I wash my scrubs on warm with cold rinse and dry on medium. And every single one has shrunk. The tops have gotten shorter and the pants just don't fit right anymore. For example: last fall, I weighed 146#, as of right now, I'm at 135. The same pants that I was wearing last fall are tighter on me now, even being 11 pounds lighter. </whine>

    I've recently come to love Wal-Mart's cargo pants. Comfy, heavier weight and lots more space for stuff than my Cherokee pants.
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    Koi. For fit and most important MATERIAL.
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    I like Cherokee, but I hate how they're really rough until they go through a few washes. I really like Dickies and Grey's Anatomy, too. I personally think all 3 brands fit very well and they have petite sizes which is a huge plus. As for color, I pretty much wear everything, but come January RN's will be required to wear Galaxy Blue.
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    I love Barco/Greys Anatomy for their colors, prints, fits (both top and bottom,) and quality. They come in my size, and stay the same size after washing. The pants are right for my short legs and skinny waist (I'm a size 0), the tops are right for my long torso, and dont look like pajajamas around my chest.

    I also love Baby phat for the styles.
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    Quote from FutureNurs93
    i prefer the Koi brand cargo pants (Lindsay style) and i haven't picked a favorite top yet...i like allheart.com for my shopping needs
    I like the KOI Lindsay pants too, but I don't think they keep their colors very well....

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