what brands of scrubs are the most comfortable?

  1. 0 I bought scrubs for my clinicals from Walmart since I will only be in them for 2 8 hour days. There stiff and uncomfortable I want my LPN scrubs to be comfy which ones are the best?
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    I really like the butter soft brand from http://www.uniformadvantage.com/home.asp

    They are really comfy, soft and fit very well. I ordered them on the 19th, and I had them at my door by yesterday (the 21st). EXCELLENT SHIPPING!
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    Quote from cnamommyto2
    I bought scrubs for my clinicals from Walmart since I will only be in them for 2 8 hour days. There stiff and uncomfortable I want my LPN scrubs to be comfy which ones are the best?
    Lots. Certain degree it's personal preference. Go to scrubs and beyond or any local scrub store and see! I can't believe how many new brands there are. I like Grey's Anatomy because they're soft, flattering yet professional and they make them in Med. Tall, thankfully.
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    I bought two pair of Butter Soft scrubs from Uniform Advantage. While they are nice and comfy, I found the pockets in the pants to be too shallow and the material wrinkles too much. I then bought some Cherokee and Dickies scubs and have to say that I prefer the Dickies uniforms for the money.
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    I think the most comfortable scrubs I have ever worn are from Koi.
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    Some of the softest, most comfortable scrubs:
    -Grey's Anatomy brand, LOVE their tops, they're basically all I wear (Mock Wrap top)
    -Jersey brand tops and pants
    -Koi, has some great cargo style pants ("Lindsey") that are very popular in my hospital in lots of great colors
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    I love Grey's Anatomy scrubs!! They are super soft, comfortable and never wrinkle. I recently bought a pair of NrG by Barco(the same company that makes Grey's scrubs) bottoms and I love them even more than the Grey's anatamy. However, I didn't buy any of the tops because I didn't like how they fit. So basically my favorite bottoms are NrG and my favorite tops are Grey's Anatomy (junior fit). :-)

    Bottoms: http://www.medicalscrubscollection.c...7-75p92119.htm

    Tops: http://www.medicalscrubscollection.c...153-36p209.htm
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    They're expensive, but I love Koi. Super comfy, and unlike a lot of cheaper scrubs, they don't fade after eight thousand washes.
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    Home I just found the most comfortable scrubs ever! I work down in Alabama and my long shifts tend to leave me with large, ugly armpit stains. This new, and smallish company called Performance set up a "scrub fair" at our hospital and demonstrated an underamour-like material that not only wicks away the moisture, but has already survived hundreds of washes. haha this sounds like an ad but i really just enjoy my new scurbs. easily customizable too!
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    The Koi Lindsey pants are my favorites. I also like the Koi Katelyn top and Iguana Med tops.
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    I would say Cherokee because dickies fade fast.
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    Grays Anatomy! I feel like I'm wearing pajamas to work! And I have sets that have lasted 3 years so far without fading!
    Barco (I think its the same company that makes Grays Anatomy)
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