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I'm a new grad. Most of my previous positions required me to stand for long periods of time and I never really found the shoe that worked for me. The best I found were Crocs, but I'm not a fan of how they look. I'm very... Read More

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    Quote from will-b-an-RN
    I have danskos but dont like them as much. Its easy to roll your ankle in them. It was for me anyway. I bought the sketchers walk fits and oh my gosh, no pain what so ever. 12hr shifts are a breeze with these. I am one that likes the soft comfy feel over the hard wood. Oh and I tried those new asics with the gel insoles and they felt great as well. thinking of getting them too.
    Can you provide a link for the Skechers? I tried Googling them but I keep getting Shape Ups in my results.

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    You can buy NEW Danskos on Ebay & save yourself some $. I love them. They are worth the price.
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    I have tried many different shoes and I am stuck on the Danskos. The thing to remember about them is that they are clogs even though they have the enclosed heel so you need to fit them like clogs and not running shoes. I have a high arch and plantar fasciitis and I have literally, been on my feet for 18 hour shifts and my feet (and back) may be tired but don't hurt a bit. The new XPs are lighter, more slip resistant, and they have a softer foot bed than the regular Professional series. I am still not sure which I like more yet though. Whatever shoe you buy-and I totally agree, do not let price stand in the way of your foot comfort-wear the shoes around the house and really make sure they fit and will work for you. My daughter wore Danskos for a shift at work, said her feet were killing her. She took off her shoes and her foot at the arch area was so swollen that her foot was practically round. What works for my feet and back may not work for yours. Btw- I think the XPs might run slightly larger than the other Danskos. Zappos, Onlineshoes.com and a couple other places have wonderful return policies so don't make your purchase someplace that has strict or short time return policies. It may take you a couple tries to find the right shoe for you.
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    Can anyone recommend a good shoe for someone like me with amazingly large feet? I'm a women's twelve wide, and I'm not sure which shoe to choose. My dean informed me my pumas with the pink and lime green accents are not white enough today, so I need to find something better (and ideally more supportive). Price is not an issue. Thanks!
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    Danskos all the way for me I have a few different pairs and they are so worth the investment. My favorite pair I got off ebay for a discounted price because there was a small blip in the coloring. They will last you forever, too. Mine still look brand new and I think that's aesthetically a good thing, because sneakers can look ratty/dirty after a while. I found they're very good for my posture and my back which was my biggest obstacle when I started working. Everyone's different, though, it may take some trial and error to find what works for you. I will say that you should be willing to spend for quality...they can be a tax write off after all!
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    @RainbowDash have you tried New Balance? They're usually the gold standard for people with wider set feet!
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    Alegrias are extremely comfortable!!!
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    Quote from Martyne236
    Do some research on z-coils. They are the reason I can still do 12 hr shifts in ICU with minimal discomfort. Not much pricier than Dansco and they wear like iron. I still have my first pair- I use them for day trips to a theme park or museum. Seriously minimizes wear and tear on joints . At 59, no arthritis while most of my other "mature" co- workers have had at least one joint replacement.

    Yes but they are some funny looking kicks, LOL.
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    I have very large feet women's 12 but I have extremely narrow feet with a very high arch. Any advice I haven't been happy with the asics for clinicals.
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    I have to wear men's shoes for the width...wish I could find some with pink!

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