To tuck it in or not - that is the question

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    Do you tuck in your scrubs? Would you? Should you? Can you?
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    You can but I think it would look funny.
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    I think it looks kinda silly too. Especially on me, I have some extra squishy tummy, so I really don't like how ANY thing looks on me tucked in. But if you're comfortable with it, why not go for it.
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    I personally don't and I wouldn't, but I wear scrubs with pockets at the bottom of my scrub top, and those are highly utilized pockets.
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    <----- the only time i tuck in my scrub shirt is, when i want to impress or accentuate my waist line therefore, if you have a 6-pack abs, hell you worked hard for them... so go ahead & tuck it in
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    I think it depends on how long your scrub top is. If its longer than past the fullest point of your hips then yeah otherwise I need that length to cover my back.
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    I've personally only seen OR personnel wearing their scrubs tucked in at the local hospitals, no other specialty.
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    haha, some of the PT's wear it like that
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    I think it depends on the style of scrubs and the body type of the person. I also wear the ones with 2 lower pockets, so they are non-tuckable (I also have a body type that does not do tucked, lol). I've seen thinner people, males and females, with tops with only a chest pocket and they tuck and look great. It also depends on the type of pants...don't tuck with a gathered elastic waistband, go with drawstring.
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    The ones I own are not long enough, and even if they were I would not tuck them in. If you're heavy, tucking just makes them tight around the middle, and does not look flattering.