Scrubs: MOBB, Dickies, other favourites??

  1. Hi Everyone

    I have recently purchased some scrubs online, and I read some mixed reviews about Dickies brand scrubs. I like MOBB, but I'm interested to try out some other brands. Are there any thoughts about Dickies or other brands out there? I also prefer drawstring pants versus elastic waist. Thanks.
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  3. by   serenity1
    I love grey's anatomy scrubs...a little pricey, but very pajamas.
  4. by   coastalcattery
    Urbane scrubs - I like the cut and length of the tops. I believe they're made by Landau.
  5. by   resumecpr
    Cherokee. Draw string pants (hundreds of colour choices) with slight flare leg. There are other styles as well. Less than $20 per pair. Tops have several styles/patterns/colours. No more than $25 each. It's all I've ever worn.
  6. by   Ardneth
    As a guy, I used to have the hardest time finding scrubs that I liked when I worked in the PT department. I finally tried a set a lot of the other guys wore (aviators), even though they were certainly more expensive. But I liked the way they wore, the pockets, and how well they held up.
  7. by   itsmejuli
    I like Cherokee pants because they have a good selection of colors and styles and they're under $15.00. I wear only cotton tops, so whatever brand I find for under $15 makes me happy.
  8. by   Mudder
    Over the last 30 years I've certainly worn my share of scrubs. By far the best I've found are Greys one poster already said.....pricey but worth every penny. Soft, like pj's, wash, dry and hang immediately and you'll never IRON again Landau makes a nice scrub too, they hold up good and usually don't stain. I prefer the elastic waist but I'm a bigger girl Usually the draw strings are worn by the smaller nurses.
    I also like the styles of Baby Phatt but they run very small.
    I would never buy KOI again, flemsy material, many tops got holes in them after a couple of washings and you have to iron EVERYTHING
    sorry so many I said, I've been around awhile
  9. by   netglow
    There is a scrub dedicated forum.
  10. by   aussiemom
    I love both my Dickies and Grey's pants- they have drawstring as well as an elastic waist, so you get the best of both worlds Grey's pants run a little long so if you are vertically challenged like myself, consider hemming them (or get taller shoes). Dickies are the perfect length. Grey's tops fit a little close to the body so if you like more room, size up. Otherwise, they aren't tight but do (appropriately) show off your shape.
  11. by   catshowlady
    I actually really like my Koi pants. They have held up really well for me, much better than Landau or Urbane. The most popular one has a drawstring waist, and they come in petites. Some of the tops are thin (which helps give them their pretty, delicate styling), but I have not found this to be true of all the tops, especially the Katelyn, which comes in the most colors/prints.

    The other pant I love is the White Swan pant. They run around $13 a pair, and they last forever. They are a simple straight-leg drawstring waist pant. They come in petite and tall. Their sizing tends to run a little big, though.

  12. by   dcarriv
    i hate scrubs, i wear tactical assault pants with polo shirt. the pants look like ems pants only with the option for knee pads for when i have to work on someone who is on the floor. the main thing i like is that the pants can be worn with a belt. i need to carry lots of stuff in my pockets and scrubs always feel like they are going to fall down when i have to run.