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  1. another reason why managers and administrators should be kept in a building about 100 miles from the hospitals and have to put their ideas and thoughts in a memo and neatly placed in the big green or brown suggestion box out back.
  2. whisper back, everybodys clear, shocking. oops i hope that didnt hurt. didt you say everybodys clear?
  3. put the quick combo pads on each side of the managers head, charge to 360 joules and shock. maybe something will work afterward.
  4. dcarriv

    Scrubs: MOBB, Dickies, other favourites??

    i hate scrubs, i wear tactical assault pants with polo shirt. the pants look like ems pants only with the option for knee pads for when i have to work on someone who is on the floor. the main thing i like is that the pants can be worn with a belt. i need to carry lots of stuff in my pockets and scrubs always feel like they are going to fall down when i have to run.
  5. dcarriv

    Docs who are actually willing to get their hands dirty.

    we have doctor like this where i work. he worked during med school as a nursing assistant and huc. he didnt even have to pay for med school, his dad who was also a doctor did. he has put pts on bedpans, commodes and will help with anything if asked. another story is when my mother in law had surgery, her surgeon pulled the ng and foley. i was amazed.
  6. dcarriv

    TNCC-Advice please

    it can be handy if one of your patients falls and has a head or neck injury. it is also very handy if you witness a car accident.
  7. dcarriv

    Blaming the nurse

    the media in minnesota was blaming us for the high cost of healthcare.
  8. dcarriv

    Use your call light - Wisely

    or if they stand outside another pts room waiting for you while you are pushing a med. i have had both pts and their families do this. for some reason it takes longer to push the med when this happens.
  9. dcarriv

    Use your call light - Wisely

    oh in a perfect world.... A selective call bell system..for example,when the call bell rings, they have an automated choice.... Enter 1 if you are calling to say you have to crap AGAIN. Enter 2 if you are calling to say you have already s**t (this a totally different problem). Enter 3 if you are a drug seeking a$$hole and are requesting morphine. Enter 4 if your crazy family is here and they want to speak with me. Enter 5 if you feel like complaining and think I give a damn. Enter 6 if you dropped your tissue box again and think I am coming in anytime soon to pick it up. Enter 7 if you think I am a damn waitress and will get you the meal you actually ordered. Enter 8 if your IV is beeping again because you just can't seem to remember to keep your ******* arm straight no matter how many times we tell you. Enter 9 if you think Nurses walk on water, you haven't called since you have come in, you hate to bother me, your family is normal, you ARE having crushing chest pain and think you are going to die....I'll be right there. Do not hit 9 when you meant to hit 2. You will wish you did die!
  10. dcarriv

    oversaturation makes managers arrogant

    you need to form a union, then it will be much harder for them to pull this kind of crap.
  11. dcarriv

    What do you pack for breakfast & lunch?

    what is breakfast and lunch? I am lucky if I get a chance to go to the bathroom.
  12. dcarriv

    How to pay for nurse anesthetist school (CRNA)?

    could check the military, they will pay for all of it for a certain number of years of service.
  13. dcarriv

    need a name for ICU's softball team

    code team
  14. dcarriv

    HR in 40s. Doc insisting on dig IV

    i agree with you, it should not have been given. one thing you could have done was tell him or her to give it themselves, although i would not have let them do that either. i wonder what it is with card too. where i work we have had people sit in 3rd degree block on a friday sit with external pacing until monday with minimal sedation and pain meds. we have had someone die from sitting this long, but nothing was done about it.