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  1. 0 I am just wondering if anyone can recommend scrub bottoms that are not draw string?? I feel like I am constantly pulling up and retying my bottoms all shift. Anyone? Thanks!
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    Tafford has a variety of styles of scrub pants...some elastic waist, some that are a combo of elastic and ties, and some that are jean style with a zipper and button.
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    jockey makes a thick, soft elastic banded pant that I love! the scrubs are soft too!
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    I love my Koi scrubs! They are drawstring, but I have never had trouble with them falling down! The hospital-issued scrubs however...ALWAYS need readjusting...ugh!
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    I second the notion of Jockey. They are very soft- it feels like you are wearing jammies to work. :-D
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    Cherokee makes a terrific "boxer top" scrub pant with a wide band of elastic. They come in talls too and last forever. I never wear anything else (I hate drawstrings, too)
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    i think koi has a pair that has a zipper/button closure... i think the "marissa" style..dont quote me tho
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    I wear Dickies cargo pant scrubs- they have an elastic waist along with 2 really good sized pockets on the legs and regular pockets up top.

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