Retro nurse uniforms....where to order?

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    I recently heard of a traveling nurse that wears uniform styles of the 40's 50's..a dress style white stockings shoes.
    She was told from nursing heads she had to wear regular scrubs
    so she went to the CEO ( small rural hospital)
    She said "sir, I love wearing these styles because it makes my elder patients so happy
    and it is comforting for them"......and he replied " Great, then you have my permission!"
    I have to concur because when I wear "whites" the older people do like even those and will make positive comments.
    So I really like this idea and just wonder does anyone know where to order retro style dress uniforms...I'm still searching and will post link if I find one?
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    Be a bit careful. Not only will wearing those uniforms make your elder patients happy, it will also make a certain segment of very strange "perverted" patients very happy. I'm not kidding. When I worked in the ED, I had a least one creepy guy a week ask me why I was not dressed in that uniform.

    I've found the elderly like people in all white just as well...though I admit there were many many times I wished I could wear a scrub dress, as I am not a pants person.
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    They have a couple at Lydia's Uniforms, white scrub dresses, that is. Also, in some uniform shops they will have a couple tucked away somewhere

    Lydias Uniforms - Search Results for scrub dress
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    Allheart has a bunch
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    My only thought is "Why?" why do you feel the need to expose your legs?
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    i began my nursing career in ortho, and in a dress. not a good combination at all because it was almost impossible to
    remain decently covered when transferring freshly returned post-op patients. i was so glad when pants became main-

    as a previous poster mentioned, there are wingnuts out there who find a woman in a traditional nurses uniform sexy
    and a turn on. who needs that?
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    For nurses week a couple of years ago, several of us bought and wore "retro" white nurse dresses (I work on an acute medical floor). Our pts loved them, and our coworkers (including the other nurses) thought they were a hoot. I wore mine on occasion until I used it for a costumed fun run, during which it was stained by dirt, sweat, and beer.

    If I find the right one, I'll consider purchasing another one. I wore white support hose and a slip underneath; it was no big deal. I'm a skirt kind of gal: I have one pair of jeans, otherwise I wear all sorts of skirts. It's not a modesty thing; it's just a personal preference. I even have running skirts for exercise. Since skirts are what I wear normally, it didn't feel odd to wear a nursing dress to work.

    I didn't have any sort of issue with pervs (any more than I have when I wear scrubs), and many of my older pts commented on it positively. If you want to wear a retro nurses dress, there are plenty out there. Go for it.
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    I have about 10 white nurse's dresses. I simply did a google search for white nursing dresses. My favorite one came from Marcus Uniforms, cost only $30, is a great fabric that does not need ironing, and isn't see-through. It is the classic style and looks very professional. I had to buy my white nurse's cap from a site on ebay. They are not available in any scrub catalog that I have found.
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    our traditional "white uniforms" are great to wear once a year in honor of florence nightingale. however, they aren't practical to wear on daily basis since they are difficult to keep sparkling clean. however, there are 3 nurses in the facility where i work that wear the full traditional "white uniform" with cap and all, but then again they are in management. in other words, they don't deal with patients on a daily basis. below you'll find a link for traditional nurse white uniforms if you still choose to wear this attire.
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    The abovementioned website has a variety of dresses to choose from. I hope this helps.

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