Opinions:: Best scrubs????

  1. Alright nurses.... Which brands make the best/ideal scrubs?
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  3. by   amybud
    I like Cherokee Workwear. They are good quality and pretty cheap and they come in a whole bunch of colors. Plus, I am tall (5'10") and I can get the unisex cargo pants in regular length!

    When I want to splurge, though, I love the Koi pants. So comfy and soft and look like regular pants. Plus, gotta love all the pockets!
  4. by   Effinie
    It's kind of a personal choice. I've worn Cherokee, Jasco, S.C.R.U.B.S. brand. I think I liked the SCRUBS brand the best - more design variety and great construction.
  5. by   elizabells
    I wear Urbanes. They're more flattering to my shape than the others, but the tops are a shade short, so you have to be mindful of where your pant waist is w/r/t your undies.
  6. by   crb613
    Quote from NICUgirl77
    I pretty much only wear urbane scrubs. I think they fit great and aren't tacky like some brands. They are also really comfertable. they have them in most scrub stores, I get mine online at www.scrubline.com
    I also have a few pairs of dickies that I had from nursing school but they don't fit quite as well.
    I love Urbane too, the colors/styles but the tops are a tad short & pockets too small.......I think Dickies fit great, have roomy pockets......for me Dickies are more practical.....cheaper too......I am tall & Dickies are limited in colors.
  7. by   elizabells
    My problem with Dickies is that the fabric seems to be a crapshoot. I've gotten scrubs in the same order from them, labeled as the same fabric content, and one feels like nice cotton and the other is that awful shiny, scratchy polyester.
  8. by   abigrace
    Iguanamed has become my favorite brand. Very, very comfy, and lots of pockets!
  9. by   BertinaRN
    I am in love with MOBB brand, they are comfortable, they have lots of pockets. I buy the scub set 308/312 Flip/Flap http://www.cheap-scrubs.com/html/scrub-sets.html they are great for me. They are a little pricey, and it takes about 3 weeks for them to come via snail-mail. I did buy a few of the other styles and the sizing is way off the pants just fell off they were so big, but this style really seems to be sized well they fit great.
  10. by   SweetTeaRN
    Landau tops...they have 4 pockets. I have many other cuter scrubs but I find myself wearing only the Landau ones. IguanaMed are probably the most comfortable but the pockets are too shallow, so my scissors and hemostats keep falling out. Urbane scrubs are really cute and comfy but NOT enough pockets!
  11. by   supernurse20
    I find that I like my cherokee scrub pants the best but i love the Koi tops.... only when i want to splurge or find a good sale on them.
  12. by   DA314
    I love my Grey's Anatomy brand scrubs. They're so soft and figure flattering! They are by far the softest scrubs I could find.

    ----I felt a little embarassed getting that brand, kinda like a kid wearing a barbie t-shirt or something-------:imbar

    They cost a little more that the other brands, but comfort is worth it! And it is still cheaper than most of the clothes I have to wear in the law office!
  13. by   traumaRUs
    I love smartscrubs - they are the best.
  14. by   smritigupta
    I like cherokee. It has special flare pants which give a wonderful fit. I take them from a store opposite Queens Hospital called S&D Discount. It has goood variety