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Alright nurses.... Which brands make the best/ideal scrubs?... Read More

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    Just found the Koi Lindsey pants :heartbeat - OOOOOH! So comfy, the fit is modern, with a low, loose elastic waist with a cute drawstring, lots of pockets, a hook for my tape, and did I saw comfy? I could sleep in this pants! Lots of cute colors to choose from, I like to pair them with a solid long sleeve top (any brand)
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    Quote from DA314
    I love my Grey's Anatomy brand scrubs. They're so soft and figure flattering! They are by far the softest scrubs I could find.

    ----I felt a little embarassed getting that brand, kinda like a kid wearing a barbie t-shirt or something-------:imbar

    They cost a little more that the other brands, but comfort is worth it! And it is still cheaper than most of the clothes I have to wear in the law office!
    Hehe I know what you mean. They are extremely comfortable! I think the Izzy scrubs arent too bad. The pants fit well, some of the tops are huge though!
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    Try tafford scrubs at tafford.com. fit great, extra large pockes and good length and oooh the prices are affordable.
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    have you ladies seen the koi scrubs?
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    Quote from iluvnrsing
    have you ladies seen the koi scrubs?
    I have the Koi Lindsey cargo pant. They are awesome. Lots of pockets and drawstring bottoms so no hemming.
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    i love urbane scrubs! i think those are the best!!!
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    I adore Cherokee scrub pants, they fit me well and really stand up to wear and tear - and they're cheap! I am not loyal to any specific brand for tops, but I love Cherokee pants.
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    Quote from JAC2008
    I work in the NICU and I pretty much have to wear a tank top or shirt under my scrubs cause we catch Dads looking down our tops all the time!
    Oh wow, sounds like some good candidates for Dad of the Year there! I never thought that men who had sick children in the hospital would be concerned with the nurses' tatas. Men never cease to amaze me
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    Iguana Med is my new favorite. Bit pricey but I'm finding it to be a good investment.
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    I get patterned tops from tafford (lots of cute cartoons for us pedi nurses), but try to only buy clearance.

    My fave pants are from walmart The ones with the cargo pockets and a slight flare are great. They have the tie in the front and elastic on the back. Stay away from the walmart ones with elastic all the way around. Not figure flattering at all! Occasionally I get cartoon tops from walmart too.
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