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  1. by   Sterren
    I adore Cherokee scrub pants, they fit me well and really stand up to wear and tear - and they're cheap! I am not loyal to any specific brand for tops, but I love Cherokee pants.
  2. by   designer-mommy
    Quote from JAC2008
    I work in the NICU and I pretty much have to wear a tank top or shirt under my scrubs cause we catch Dads looking down our tops all the time!
    Oh wow, sounds like some good candidates for Dad of the Year there! I never thought that men who had sick children in the hospital would be concerned with the nurses' tatas. Men never cease to amaze me
  3. by   Kaiserstudent
    Iguana Med is my new favorite. Bit pricey but I'm finding it to be a good investment.
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I get patterned tops from tafford (lots of cute cartoons for us pedi nurses), but try to only buy clearance.

    My fave pants are from walmart The ones with the cargo pockets and a slight flare are great. They have the tie in the front and elastic on the back. Stay away from the walmart ones with elastic all the way around. Not figure flattering at all! Occasionally I get cartoon tops from walmart too.
  5. by   yousoldtheworld
    I've been on a mission to find the perfect scrubs for me. After trying several brands, I've found that:

    The Dickies W line makes my favorite pants (the flat front boot cut). They stay up and fit well, and are flattering. The tunic length tops are are good, too, but next time I will buy a size smaller.

    The Tafford tops I got are all really cute and most are comfortable. I do wish they were a little bit longer, but the wide range of colors and prints and sizes makes up for that.

    I don't care for the Tafford pants I tried - the drawstring in one pair broke the first time I wore it, and they tend to fall down a lot (but the next smaller size is too small). Cute colors though, probably would fit other body types better.

    Cherokee is really iffy for me. I love the flexibles (and Tafford has some similar), though I wish they were longer. Some of the pants are nice. Some cute tops, but fit hasn't been consistent.

    The others I have tried just haven't been right for my body. I think I'll stick with a combination of Dickies W and Tafford, with occasional Cherokee thrown in.
  6. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I like my Cherokee workwear pants. They make them in low-rise and have XXS petite. The material feels kinda funny to me sometimes but when I wear them I feel like I'm dressed for work, not flopping around in big pajamas. They never get wrinkled either.

    I like those "elan" tops by Barco. They're pretty, they fit well, and the material is really comfy and lightweight.

    I just bought a Grey's Anatomy top yesterday and I love it! I avoided this brand before, because I think TV scrubs are pretty dorky, but the material is so soft and the shirt is actually fitted, so again, I don't feel like like I'm wearing giant PJs.
  7. by   taz628
    total Koi fanatic right here. I own over a dozen pairs of the Lindsey pant and about 90% of my tops are Koi (two Cherokee flexibles and a Landau top thrown in for good measure lol). The Annie combo top is by far the BEST solid color scrub top I've found - I've got an interesting body type (5'6" and about 100lbs) and those tops fit PERFECT. I'm not swimming in them, and they aren't too short. The Lindsey pants are also perfect for the slim, tallish girls out there too.
  8. by   brittney318
    Quote from taz628
    total koi fanatic right here. i own over a dozen pairs of the lindsey pant and about 90% of my tops are koi (two cherokee flexibles and a landau top thrown in for good measure lol). the annie combo top is by far the best solid color scrub top i've found - i've got an interesting body type (5'6" and about 100lbs) and those tops fit perfect. i'm not swimming in them, and they aren't too short. the lindsey pants are also perfect for the slim, tallish girls out there too.
    thank you for posting that. i'm 5'9 at 120 lbs. tall and slim(but i have a cute figure,lol). i want some scrubs that are going to be long enough and not swallow all at the same time. i'm looking at the koi site now and was wondering if these tops/pants are long enough. they do sell them in tall sizes. i think i'm going to check them out.
  9. by   Pneumothorax
    i LOVE koi scrub pants...i have some fundamentals, dickies and cherokee... very nice fit and material...on all of em.
  10. by   Finallydidit
    I love "butter soft" from uniformadvangage.com
  11. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I discovered I love the Grey's Anatomy pants even more than the Cherokee petites. The material is soft and comfy, they don't wrinkle, and the waist actually stays around my waist, so I'm not pulling them up all day or flashing any crack when I squat down.

    And I still like the GA and Barco Elan tops.
  12. by   Annie007RN
    KOI pants are amazing. The pockets are perfect, with one good sized one on the thigh. the colors are great, they wash well, but they do run around $27-$29. Urbane scrubs used to make a great scrub pant with cargo pockets, but they unfortunately don't carry them anymore. Can't fiqure out why. As for urbane tops, the colors are nice, but the pockets are way too small. Koi, however, has great prints, and good sized pockets.
  13. by   gdoubleu
    i love koi scrubs-pants and tops. i'm short with curves and they are really figure flattering, i don't feel like a sack of potatoes. and they're comfy and really functional with all the pockets