Nursing support hose/socks

  1. I just purchased three Nursemates compression trouser support socks with 11mmHg strength. I tried them on and it didn't feel very tight or "compressing", lol. I didn't want to start with a high strength and suffer through that. But maybe I need a stronger strength?

    Does anyone else use these socks? How do you like them? Any complaints?

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  3. by   WannaBNursey
    I use the actual compression hose that is used on patients on long term bed rest . I found the brand that my hospital uses and bought it at walmart for $20.00.

    After one day they lose their "tightness" but just hand wash with bleach and shout and they're back to normal!
  4. by   PalmHarborMom
    I use the Nurse Mates brand of compression socks and love them. I have skinny legs and they fit snuggly. After a long day on my feet, my legs do not ache like they did before I started wearing them. I wash them with the rest of my clothes and they hold up well. The best part was that I found a 3pr package for about $20. I am not into washing clothes every night so buying a couple of packages was a bargain.
  5. by   green34
    I use TEDs but I prefer the knee-high.
  6. by   TerpGal02
    I have the nursemates compression socks too. I have never NOT worn them. My legs nver hurt. My FEET, that's another story.
  7. by   Morainey
    I've snitched a couple pairs of TEDS that we put on our surgical patients. My friend measured me to get the right size and they feel great - all day long it feels like someone is gently squeezing my calves.
  8. by   armyinfantrywife
    I use zensah compression leg sleeves. A lot of marathon runners and triathletes swear by it. I love them so much more than the socks!! U get way better leg compression/support than the socks. more importantly, U are able to use cotton socks over them since they don't go all the way to UR feet. They start from UR ankle all the way to UR knees... I find the compression socks made my feet smell just because they're not cotton :-/ and after being on UR feet for 12 hrs?!? I can imagine my toes suffocating! Lol!
  9. by   meanmaryjean
    Can anybody recommend a brand that do not cut into your upper calf/ just below the knee? I like the Nursemate brand I bought EXCEPT that it is really tight at the very top of the sock.
  10. by   CaliRN13
    Check out compression socks for runners. I know it was mentioned on here that someone uses a sleeve, but there are also actual socks that you can purchase that you size based on your calf circumference and shoe size. I am a huge fan of CEP compression socks for both running long distances and for working on the floor as an RN. They come in fun colors (as well as normal colors) and they are more like normal socks than TED hose! CEP can be a bit on the expensive side, but they are totally worth it. There are also other brands of compression socks "for running" out there that aren't quite as expensive.