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I buy all my scrubs online and just thought I would share my experiences in case it helps anyone else out there. I am plus sized and wear different sizes in each brand so when first ordering a new... Read More

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    Love this thread. I just ordered six pairs of scrubs from They have free shipping (no minimum) and they suggest coordinates for each top and bottom. When they come, I will comment on the quality of the scrubs. Very pleased so far!

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    Scrubs came. Pants were way too big so I had to return them. But I'm in love with the tops!
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    I'm just surprised that no one mentioned !
    Amazon has most of the brands with all sizes, and the most important it is cheeper than the all scrubs vendors I know. So far all "allhreart" items are available at amazon with less price and faster shipping. I have the prime service so I get most of me stuff in two days free shipping !
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    I have never had a bad experience with allheart; just got all my scrubs within the 3-5 day shipping rule. I have used them for almost 14 years when getting scrubs, stethoscopes, etc.

    I have not tried Amazon...gave them a second chance after they didn't send me a non-nursing package...they are back in my good graces...for now...I MAY give them a shot on the scrubs...
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    Scrubsandbeyond is the best in my opinion. I buy scrubs and it usually takes about five to seven days to get. They carry the colors I need for Jockey which is hard to find. In fact, the only provider that I know of that offers Caribbean blue.
  6. 0 has good prices on their scrubs but shipping takes forever. I ordered my scrubs last Wednesday and today is Tuesday and they still haven't ship out my stuff yet. Granted it was free shipping because my order was over $50 but it is still a long time (i think).
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    Scrub Zone on Amazon have been my goto scrubs for awhile. They're cheap, have what I need (drawstring instead of elastic, and cargo pockets), and come in every color imaginable. They aren't very thick, but I like that as it seems that I'm always in a sweat! And, they take a few washings to soften up. All in all, I would recommend them.

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