my danskos STTTTIIIINK!!!

  1. so im the most flat footed person you'll ever meet. I bought a pair of new balance sneakers (suggested by podiatrist) with my custom made insoles. After 12 hours of working my shins/ankles and heels would KIIIILL with pain! They were so swollen. I had to do i invested in a pair of Danskos for work. i absolutley LOVE THEM! they are the only shoes i can wear and be on my feet for 12 hours. I never even had to break them in like the person selling me suggested. i wore them my first day for 12 hours. I was SO happy to find a pair of shoes that worked for me, i invested in several other pairs. i have like 5 pairs of danskos (No joke!!) work shoes, becausse i wear them the most STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so bad. I mean, awful awful awful. I think its because they really dont get any ventilation. i tried buying shoe air freshners, i tried baking soda, i tried freezing them. (I live in wisconsin and it gets like below 0 at night so i just keep them in the garage.) I've tried antibacterial wipes, name it!!! i change my socks like 3-4 times per shift. I feel like if i can smell it, i wonder what my coworkers might think. i tried purchasing one product off amazon but im really not expecting much.
    Does anyone else have this problem or suggestions to cure this awful smell?? I've had them for 1.5 years now and i would hate to have to buy a new pair every year.

    any suggestions or comments would be amazing!! Thanks.
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  3. by   sno963
    This happens with my flats!! Haha! I haven't ever had danskos, but can you change the insoles in them every once in a while? I find its more the insoles, not the shoes that retain the stench.
  4. by   Jenni811
    Its a good thought. I can't take the insoles out because its leather and stitched down. Perhaps buying insoles to COVER the leather portion? because i find they are fine and don't stink up util about 6 hrs into my shift. Thats when my feet get sweaty and stinky. There has to be some product like that... hmmm...
  5. by   newnurseoldman
    Have at least 2 maybe 3 pair of work shoes, rotate each day so they dry completely. also try some good socks thorlo or similar. the odor eater insoles are good.
  6. by   mcknis
    Mine that I bought, Dansko Pro XP did the same thing, but they even began breaking down after 3 months of wearing them. I have been sending them back and forth to Dansko with replacements for the past 3 months. I am out of luck, but will probably just go with black boots, as my Asics are breaking down now too. And Dansko had no solution for me except to send them back and let them replace them.
  7. by   Biosciencegeek
    Asics gel lyte iii. Spend the money on these babies and you'll thank me forever. The absolute BEST.