Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

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    NOT the kind made by (I think) Barco... I am talking about scrubs like the ones they actually wear in the show.. does anyone know where to order scrubs like that, with a similar fit/color/etc?


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    I purchased mine from the chain called Uniform Advantage.

    These are the only ones I am even faintly aware of. Other than Katherine Heigl's line which does not look anything like the GA outfits.
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    Thanks, i have seen those before and they don't look anything like the ones on the show. does anyone else know? I have tried searching on my own but of course any searches just come up with the scrubs like in the above link..
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    I thought I read somewhere that they are custom made for the actresses. They wanted "flattering" scrubs and not the boxy fit.
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    You can bet that for sure!

    However, when [the last hospital I worked in] got new stuff, the legs were really long and baggy. I am a BIG girl so had to have half a dozen sets bought in specially and these were even baggier than the normal sizes!! So I took mine to my sister (a seamstress of great talent) and she made them custom fitted! People were always asking me how come I got ones to fit while they had 6-10 inches of leg rolled up at their ankles!

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    i like their cuts. but its too expensive for me.
  8. 0 has official Grey's Anatomy scrubs. They run really small, though.
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    I dont know about the ones on the show, but I love the greys anatomy line of scrubs. they do run small though. "junior fit", i guess.
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    Quote from aes_rn
    I dont know about the ones on the show, but I love the greys anatomy line of scrubs. they do run small though. "junior fit", i guess.
    yup, so marked, they are, which means women only.....unless they have others that i havent seen
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    I love the greys' anatomy scrubs! I have all of the colors, the material flows and looks very professional
    However if you dont have time to iron them then dont bother, they are sort of a pain to iron
    I think they wear very well too. I get lots of compliments on them. I am sort of tall, 5'7 and they fit great with the pain in a medium- I weigh about 153lbs and they do run sort of small I must say compared to the other brands out there....
    if you have to carry a lot in the pockets the material is sort of silky so you can pretty much see everything in the pockets...but I have clips on my phone and walkie talkie so they do pull the material down some
    For comfort these are great
    I did buy katherine heigle (spelling sorry) scrubs in the active-athletic style wear. The material was like a windjacket...sort of noisy...they have been just terrible- expensive and the material freys...dont bother with that brand- in my opinion.

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