Good nursing shoes for high arches

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    Hi there I'm hoping someone can recommend a great pair of shoes for nursing students with high arches. I'm going into my second year of nursing school and with added clinicals this fall, I'm really in need of a good pair of nursing shoes. I have really high arches and at the end of the day my feet are KILLING me!! I appreciate all the advise I can get.

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    I have high arches and I love Dansko's. I still have the pair that got me through nursing school and almost 3 years of work on the floor before I left to work home care. I worked 12's, on my feet most of that time, and my feet hardly ever hurt.
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    Bastad clogs.
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    Try Sanitas; they have great arch support. Even better arch support than Dansko

    Good Luck!
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    I have Zcoils and they are great. They can custom fit them to your arch.
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    I have extremely high arches. The pain I used to get in my feet, knees and hips was terrible. I got my feet tested at Runner's World and they told me I had abnormally high arches and that I needed shoes with stability (I use Asics) and they "prescribed" me Superfeet Green insoles. Now these are awesome! They feel a bit uncomfortable at first until your feet adjust to them, but you'll notice a difference immediately! They are about $35 and I highly recommend them for people with high arches.

    If you have a Runner's World in your area, it would be a good idea to get your feet tested by them. Here's their website:

    And here's a link to Superfeet Green:

    Hope this helps! :-)
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    Thanks for the info. I have high arches and notice that if I stand on our wooden floors in the kitchen for an hour, my back hurts. Being on my feet for 12 hours will take its toll unless I find the right shoes. I start nursing school in January, so I have to get all white shoes. That might limit my choices, but I've seen so many recommendations for Danskos that I think I'll check them out.
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    I have high arches also. I spent my money at a specialty store that served a lot of our area nurses.

    I bought these: New Balance 811 | WW811WT

    And in them I put these: Softec Response Custom Footbeds | SOLE

    I. Love. Them.

    After a full day of clinicals my legs, feet, and back are not tired.
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    Thanks! The more I research shoes, it looks like the ones that will be best for my feet and back are ones that lace up. I guess I'll have to get over the whole blood-stain thing. Unless you're in the OR or ER, blood probably doesn't tend to spurt all over. I have so much to learn!
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    Yes, I have discovered that slip-ons do not have enough clearance and they squish my feet down which hurts after a few hours. Lace ups are better because you can lace them differently to relieve pressure. I found a lot of relief after changing to the straight-across lacing but there are as many ways to lace your shoes as you can imagine Shoe Lacing Techniques

    Re: stains, I haven't gotten any yet. My scrub pants cover the tops of the shoes anyway.