Curvy scrubs, small waist, large hips

  1. I'm starting nursing school in the fall and we need navy scrubs that will fit a 41-33-47 figure. I have no problems with the pants, as I can get a large pair that fits the hips and pull the strings in to make them fit my waist. The problem is with the tops! Either I have ones that won't go down over the top of my hips, or if they fit my hips they are 2 sizes too big on top, sort of hanging. I found one Landau that was sort of angled from the waist out to the hip, but they were the wrong color, and I didn't get the pattern number.

    We also need long 36" lab coats, and I have had the same problem, I think they are really all made for men big on top and narrow on the bottom, which just doesn't work for me. Contrary to the thread on white dresses, I'm thinking the pin-tucked waisted ones like my mother wore might actually fit me better than scrubs!!

    Any ideas welcome. Of course I"m on a budget, but I don't want to look like a sack of potatoes either!
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  3. by   blessnme
    Im small waisted with hips also LOL..looking for perfect fitting scrubs
  4. by   coast2coast
    OP, i have almost the exact same measurements as you. I have spent days obsessively trying to find scrubs that I don't disappear into! Nothing has been perfect, but so far the best fit I've found has been in Koi, Urbane, and Skechers brands. Luckily your color is much more common than mine (Maroon! Who wears maroon ?!?!).

    I've found that going a bigger size on top and a smaller size on bottom works best (large top + medium bottom, or medium top + small bottom ... this for someone who is NOT a "small" in any other situation).
  5. by   Pneumothorax
    +1 on KOI.. i love them!
  6. by   Counselort
    Curvy okay so far: expensive Iguana cargo pants, Med III tops ($$$). I found a Hegel? top at Goodwill, adn I think if I just slit the sides up a little further they'll fit. We'll see.

    Found that the reasonably priced Medline Lab coat with back belt actually fit hips. It's a (little) bit in the shoulders, and 2 inches too long; but I'll take it, it's actually a curved fit.

    I haven't tried Koi (smalltown) but plan to when I get to Nashville. Thanks all.
  7. by   KimberlyRN89
    Tafford scrubs work best for me..I have the exact same shape lol And Cherokee pants too. Dickie's makes good scrub tops too, check them out.
  8. by   SuesquatchRN
    Are you me? When I put on typica scrubs I look like a pear with feet. I wear a white tee under a short-sleeved scrub jacket so I have the pockets I need.

    I second Tafford and Cherokee. You can wear a large in either of their pants and a medium in Cherokee and small in Tafford in their snap-front jackets. They will not close around your hips.

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  9. by   Counselort
    I found Iguana XL cargo pants fit pretty well, but SHEESH expensive! Their tops have same problem, too tight across butt and thighs.

    I've taken to slitting the side slits up an extra inch or too (not hard even if you don't sew much). That helps ease a bit, and still doesn't show midriff.

    I wish FLAX brand or some other clothing company that fits "real" women would start making uniforms.

  10. by   seconddegreebsn
    I'm large in the hips and TALL, which adds to the problem - anyone know of a brand that makes a top that is larger in the hips and a couple inches longer?