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  1. I am in a highly-rated national BSN program, and in my first semester have been dismayed at how much of the coursework and assessment is simply to prepare us for the NCLEX. The notion that the NCLEX "measures" is a fiction. It contains nothing related to client care but memorization of easily found facts and the ability to test (as indicated by the multiplicity of companies willing to help you pass it). The questions themselves are scarcely disguised as what they are: T/F or multiple choice; not usually the kind of critical thinking all the programs purport to teach and emphasize. Those experiences must come from well-supervised experience, which is much more expensive to provide. Critical thinking and client care seem to have fallen by the wayside to make room for the Almighty Test. I am seriously thinking of changing fields. If this is what training "caring professionals" is about, I may as well be working in engineering or computer science where human variables don't complicate things or often provide more than four possible answers.
  2. Counselort

    Nursing vs. Teaching?

    Consider teaching Nursing, you can get student loan repayment for it now.
  3. Counselort

    psych/mental health nurse practitioner salary

    Im in a similar situation; where did she attend school, and would she recommend it vs the traditional RN to NP plan?
  4. Counselort

    psych/mental health nurse practitioner salary

    Do you know what program she attended? I'm in a similar situation?
  5. Counselort

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency winter 2011 cohort

    Unless you plan to go part-time, don't plan to work; when they say accelerated, they mean it. They usually post a housing group for newcomers who are accepted. No graduate housing available, you're on your own. good luck.
  6. Counselort

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency winter 2011 cohort

    Samwestonpotter: There are four of us in the NP program living in Jeannie Apartments on Sharondale. It's 15 min drive to campus, small, older, clean, QUIET, very safe neighborhood. $650/mo for 2 BR 1 BA. Mrs. Wood, landlady lives next door. If she has an opening I'd definitely recommend giving her a call. Good luck!
  7. Counselort

    Curvy scrubs, small waist, large hips

    I found Iguana XL cargo pants fit pretty well, but SHEESH expensive! Their tops have same problem, too tight across butt and thighs. I've taken to slitting the side slits up an extra inch or too (not hard even if you don't sew much). That helps ease a bit, and still doesn't show midriff. I wish FLAX brand or some other clothing company that fits "real" women would start making uniforms. T
  8. Counselort

    What are some unique, non-acute RN jobs?

    I recently read an article about a church that hired a parish nurse to go out and visit those they knew were ill.
  9. My Mom went back to school for her LPN after a divorce. this was in the era before financial aid. I remember her going to school during the day, working the 3-11 shift, then coming home to study. She left my sister and I at 9 and 10 years old at home alone because there was no money for day care. Fortunately we were mature kids (pretty much). I remember the humiliation of living in Section 8 housing apartments, hand-me-down clothes, getting in the line for free lunches, and using food stamps in a fairly small town where everyone knew you were poor. However, she kept her head up and survived it, we survived it -- and it gave us a great model for resilience under pressure and the strength one can find when the goal is important enough. By the way, she just retired from 30 years as a Physician's Assistant, graduating from the second class ever offered in the US. It would have been a lot easier with 20K, but I'm not sure it would have helped my sister and I learn; or given mom the pride she had in her accomplishments.
  10. Counselort

    Curvy scrubs, small waist, large hips

    Curvy okay so far: expensive Iguana cargo pants, Med III tops ($$$). I found a Hegel? top at Goodwill, adn I think if I just slit the sides up a little further they'll fit. We'll see. Found that the reasonably priced Medline Lab coat with back belt actually fit hips. It's a (little) bit in the shoulders, and 2 inches too long; but I'll take it, it's actually a curved fit. I haven't tried Koi (smalltown) but plan to when I get to Nashville. Thanks all.
  11. ErikSoln: I didn't mean to degrade social workers (or any of these majors for that matter). Like you, I think the work social workers do is tremendous and critical to our society. I've worked closely with Social Workers all my professional life (working with folks with severe mental illness). They are some of the hardest working, most caring people in the health field. Still, Social Workers were THE lowest paid of all the majors listed, which I think is criminal and and a sign of where our society as a whole places it's priorities. Public universities rely only partially on government funding (less than ever) 30% at one major midwestern university I know of. The rest is made up for with private grants (pharmaceuticals, engineering, biotech) and alumni donations -- as well as higher tuition and required "fees" for everything from technology to athletics. Student Loans are a win/win for the government. If the person graduates and has a higher income, they pay back the loan, and higher taxes throughout their lifetime. If not, and they file bankruptcy, and the loans remain and still get repaid. About the only way out of them is full disability or death.
  12. As I said, I meant NO disrespect to any of those fields. Social worker in particular are dear to my heart; like nurses, hard working, caring, and incredibly underpaid. I only included them because on "least profitable degrees" social work tops several of the lists. Just in terms of their ability in repaying student loans was my focus. If that becomes the focus of a quality school (public or private) the outcomes could be catastrophic. As to profit vs non-profit, with the current levels of federal and state funding running at 30% for many large State University budgets, their fund-raising and grant-writing are an incredibly market-driven model. Profs who can bring in grant dollars are hired over those who teach well or who have actual field or clinical experience. Those universities are fortunate, as as earlier writer noted, that they also graduate engineers, chemists, and business majors who can "pick up the slack" insofar as graduating income. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a For Profit University offering Engineering degrees.... If anyone wants to watch the show on For profits, it was on Frontline, and is available to watch on the internet. PS when I opened this page, whose ad should appear but Phoenix University. a bit ironic.
  13. Counselort

    Vanderbilt MSN Fall 2010, Direct Entry Applicants

    If you have access to the Vandy Housing group you can find me under Discussions talking about the black scrubs, mine is the first post. T
  14. I'm starting nursing school in the fall and we need navy scrubs that will fit a 41-33-47 figure. I have no problems with the pants, as I can get a large pair that fits the hips and pull the strings in to make them fit my waist. The problem is with the tops! Either I have ones that won't go down over the top of my hips, or if they fit my hips they are 2 sizes too big on top, sort of hanging. I found one Landau that was sort of angled from the waist out to the hip, but they were the wrong color, and I didn't get the pattern number. We also need long 36" lab coats, and I have had the same problem, I think they are really all made for men big on top and narrow on the bottom, which just doesn't work for me. Contrary to the thread on white dresses, I'm thinking the pin-tucked waisted ones like my mother wore might actually fit me better than scrubs!! Any ideas welcome. Of course I"m on a budget, but I don't want to look like a sack of potatoes either!