Best place to buy stethoscopes from....

  1. 0 I have looked at stethoscopes at uniform stores and I think they can be outrageously priced.
    Any suggestions?
    I am looking to get a Littmann or something that is considered of the same quality. Any suggestions?
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    Try searching online (,, etc).

    Also try Ebay, sometimes you come across a great deal on Littmann's and GRX.

    You can always pick the one you like in the uniform store, look at it, feel and try it and then order it cheeper online.
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    All Heart . I have a Littman Master Cardiology and love it ! Did my research prior to buying from All Heart .
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    I am currently looking into buying a stethoscope as well. The cheapest place I've found so far is - not sure about their customer service or delivery but so far they have had the cheapest prices that I've seen.
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    0 is pretty cheap too. I got my stethescope and a blood pressure cuff and some other things for clinicals.
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    If you are going for a Littmann and want it engraved, this is the best site I found. They do engraving for free and some places charge $17 for it. I just received my first stethoscope from them yesterday. I ordered it on Friday and it shipped Friday. I received it yesterday (Tuesday) and it is perfect! I can't figure out how they got it engraved and shipped so quickly.

    I also found this site for other stuff. They have great prices on scissors, hemostats, and penlights. I ordered on Friday as well and haven't received my stuff yet. It shipped on Monday and is shipping regular mail. Shipping was only $1, so I figure I can't expect too much.
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    That is another thing, did you engrave it yourself? What did you say on it? I'm also half expecting someone to buy it for me as a gift and engrave something on it but I don't want to wait and then at the last minute have to rush order it!
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    I just put my name. Everywhere I looked had a limit of 20 or so characters, so you can't really do much more than your name. I did find one site that allowed you to add a tiny piece of art (like a heart or cross) but I didn't like how that looked. The other reason I like the medisave place was that they engrave the chestpiece rather than the tubing. Alot of places will engrave the tubing, and apparently that rubs off over time.
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    Quote from Gurmo
    I am currently looking into buying a stethoscope as well. The cheapest place I've found so far is - not sure about their customer service or delivery but so far they have had the cheapest prices that I've seen.
    Their customer service was awesome and my stethoscope shipped the same day. I had a great experience with them!
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    Nice! I know where I am buying mine then. I think I'm going to go ahead and get it for myself too since it is a 20 character limit....
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    Yeah, the 20 character limit threw me off. When I first learned about engraving, I had romantic images of my husband buying me a scope with something meaningful and poignant inscribed on it. They I learned most places only do names and I threw that idea out the window.
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    I ordered an electronic stethoscope on August 9, 2009 and have not received I have email numerous times and called only to find out that there mail box is full. I researched them at that point and they have 33 complaints from the Better Business Bureau and the BBB gave them a grade F.

    Buyer Beware
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    Shoot for I went with a 2-day air rush and they got it engraved and picked up by FedEx within an hour. Came in on time before my first skills day.

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