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My nursing school is requiring us to get Dove Apparel uniforms for clinical - anyone else???? I got my order today and even though I ordered XS tops, they are huuuuuuge! I'm sending them back to... Read More

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    I used these in school.... they don't shrink.
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    Our school uses them and they look nice in the beginning and then start to lose their luster. They are very durable yet uncomfortable. I feel this is due to the rough fabric and the fact that there is no give to the pants. On top of this is the major dent they put in our wallet. Books alone is a financial killer.
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    Our school uses them too, they're a little stiff and WAY expensive. But the school insists they will hold up... So far so good.
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    It seems most of the schools I applied to require Dove.Sure I'll follow the rules, but I plan on altering mine to fit - too much of "What Not to Wear Advice" (LOL) but it makes sense.
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    I wore Dove uniforms for 3 years. Yes, they are expensive, no they don't stretch and sell them to the nursing students coming in when you graduate to make some money. Mine did not yellow but I did try to only wash them with whites. My last semester I managed to get more things on them than i did the first 2.5 years ranging from green gum to blood to other interesting things. I used my detergent to scrub out most of it. Aerosol hairspray does work well to get out ink as i wrote on myself all the time. They aren't the most comfortable things, but you get used to them. Plus, once you are done, you get to go to comfortable scrubs!!
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    I also have to wear dove apparel to my program. is anyone willing to sell theirs to me?? ijust need one pair.
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    I have to wear dove apparel too but our school had to pick out the most difficult to find colors/styles for the program....because of the expense I don't feel like paying ANOTHER 40$+ for 1 pair of pants, but because of the color (forest green) i'm having a hell of a time trying to find a match anywhere else...and the top is a zip front top...

    if anyone knows of a good way to find a match for these hideous forest green pants please let me know!
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    Hi Bean79, what school did you go? Reason why I am asking is because our school is looking to bring on the same line and I wanted to see if we might be able to switch..
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    so the dove uniform do run big? i'm usually a L, but according to the measuring chart, i'm a XXL!
    should i just get a XL? or even L?

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