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Wondering why you're not getting interviews or being hired? Look at your RESUME!!! I've been reviewing resumes this May 2012 for open positions in my department and can't believe the resumes... Read More

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    This is great thank you
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    Thank you for this rich trove of information! Your article left me feeling excited and hopeful about succeeding in the nursing job hunt. I think the link to job key words will be especially helpful in this age of computer-screened applications. Thank you again for your helpful research and writing.
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    I have a question about references. I am applying to a new grad position in which they only interview people that know someone that works at that hospital. I know someone that works there and want to let that be known as she recommended I apply but there is no where in the online application to write their name down. I do not have a reference letter from this person as she is a nursing school colleague but I do have references from professors and preceptors. For now, I have written a short list of references on my resume but everywhere I am reading says not to do this. I would hate to not get an interview because I did not indicate anywhere on my application/resume that I know someone that works there. I also do not want my resume tossed our for writing the references. What can I do in this situation? Thank you in advance!
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    Great tips. Thanks!!
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    Make sure your cover letter is for CORRECT FACILITY, not employer in the next state. (Yes, I received application for NJ hospital while I'm with a PA home care agency--quickest way to hit the recycle bin. Because I had an extra minute that day, I called RN and informed him of this error--before it hit deskside recycle bin.)
    I've done that. I've literally applied to 200 jobs since graduation, and that's bound to happen eventually. Also, when applying to multiple jobs with the same hospital, I try to upload a new cover letter with the job # on it, but wonder if an older cover letter with another job number is attaching. I don't want to delete the older cover letters, because those jobs still show as "in review."

    I wonder how many managers threw me away over one of these small oversights?
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    This is important that your resume makes you stand out among all other candidates. Your employer browses hundred resumes a day and may throw your papers away even without reading them to the end. I decided to rely on professionals. After that, all my further applications have led to job interviews.
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