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  1. Hello All! I was just wondering how you all wash your scrubs? I usually throw them in the laundry with my other clothes but was told by my charge nurse that I shouldn't do that. I have blue scrubs but I would like to find a way to disinfect them in the wash. Would using some bleach be okay with colored scrubs? I read that a half cup of bleach in the wash water with colored clothes should be okay but I just wanted to hear how you all wash your scrubs. Thank you.
  2. Has anyone worked here before? What is the culture like? Positive/negative? Also what is the average pay? They always seems to have positions posted. Thank you!
  3. I have a question about references. I am applying to a new grad position in which they only interview people that know someone that works at that hospital. I know someone that works there and want to let that be known as she recommended I apply but there is no where in the online application to write their name down. I do not have a reference letter from this person as she is a nursing school colleague but I do have references from professors and preceptors. For now, I have written a short list of references on my resume but everywhere I am reading says not to do this. I would hate to not get an interview because I did not indicate anywhere on my application/resume that I know someone that works there. I also do not want my resume tossed our for writing the references. What can I do in this situation? Thank you in advance!