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    My question is how do you get yourself to stand out with all the recruiting software? The most popular seems to be Taleo....I hate it! I am a RN, applying for a RN position.....yet qualified for nothing?? NONE of my qualifications match? New grads are hired in a few departments, so my 8 years of LPN experience doesn't count as nursing experience? I write specifically "registered nurse" on my resume and cover letter....

    There's got to be a better way. Seriously!

    And, why is it HR can't return a phone call or an email? I had to ask another employee to find something out and she says "HR probably isn't getting back to you because they don't know the answer to your question...." Really? SO......if I ignore someone when I get the job and say "I don't know" or "I don't have time" that is ok? Maybe expecting some professionalism is asking too much. They're busy, yeah, so am I. But they can't take 10 seconds and call or send an email? Ignore me and hope I'll go away and not bother to let me know you really have no job openings?

    I really wanted to work at this hospital, but if HR ignores me for something like this, what if I had a bigger issue?? Sorry, but busy is not a good excuse. It isn't for me, and shouldn't be for HR, either.
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    Thank you for the links Karen. I'm in the process of looking for a new position.

    You never know who you might meet, either. One day I was at a friend's outside and struck a conversation with the neighbour. He says, "Come inside and meet my wife. She's a nurse."

    I met his wife and after a few minutes, she informs me that she's the Director for a key organization where I live. Offered me a job, but I already had one.
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    When referring to the job that I am interested in applying for, do I capitalize it's title? So if I am replying to the posting for "Emergency Department Nurse" position, should I write, "I am contacting you regarding the Emergency Department nursing position? I know that I could write "ED", but I feel that it is more formal and respectable to write the words out.
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    This is great thank you
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    Thank you for this rich trove of information! Your article left me feeling excited and hopeful about succeeding in the nursing job hunt. I think the link to job key words will be especially helpful in this age of computer-screened applications. Thank you again for your helpful research and writing.

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