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Resume advice/help!

  1. 0 I'm starting to write my resume, and am not sure what needs to go on there, and what doesn't. I.E. I've done a lot of volunteering in my life, does all that go on there? Do I write skills I've learned in nursing? Good qualities that I posess? I'm just so confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    This is a great resource to help you sort out what should be included and the format of the resume:Purdue OWL: Rsum Workshop
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    I tell every new nurse that I mentor that EVERYTHING in life is nursing. If you were a cleark at a department store, that's customer service and customer service IS nursing. 90% of nursing is learning how to deal with people, NOT diseases. Anything you did at any job that casued you to interact with people, put it on your resume.

    Secondly, a reusme is your one shot to BRAG on yourself. Tell as many positive things about yourself as possible. Don't go overboard but let your gifts and talens shine through.

    When you land your interview, go in with confidence and do not be afraid to talk. The more you tell them about you, the less they will ask. If you sit there and let them ask all of the questions you turn the control over to the interviewer. You want to remain in control of the situation as much as possible.
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    Thats AWESOME advice!!! I will use it in the future ;-)
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    Thank you so much!