Dignity Health Northridge Hospital New Grad September 2024

Nurses Residency


Hello! Wondering if anyone applied to Dignity Health NHMC for the Fall 2024 program. 

Hi!! Following. I applied to Dignity Health but haven't heard anything. Let me know if you do!

so far my application says hiring manager review. it's been like that for about 3 weeks now

hi! I also applied, only thing I've recieved was an email back on 4/15 that says my application is progressing, but that's all. mine also says hiring manager review.

I've been looking at past cohorts here in Allnurses.com, and it seems like they didn't hear anything back until mid-June. Goodluck to us!

Welp, I guess we have a month to sit back and wait. Good luck to us all, hoping for the best ^_^ 

I applied as well. It still says in "hiring manager review." I'll post in here if anything changes. 

Applied, it says "Hiring Manager Review"

will post for any updates!

Hi all!

I did not get an invite, but I know a couple of friends who got an invite to the ICU for interviews this week. That is all I know so far. Good luck to us all

hello all! had an interview last month and have yet to hear back...has anyone that had an interview received an offer or any update recently? 

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