Please help...

  1. Hoping to transfer to another department (critical care type unit) and am stumped on this resume. I have been working on this and just keep changing things and tweaking it.

    Any help is appreciated. I wish I could find my old resume or the one I did for my last BSN class...I got great marks on that paper!

    Nancy Nurse RN, BSN
    123 Anyhoo Street
    Anytown, USA 12345

    Summary of Qualifications:
    Registered nurse with several years experience working in both the adult and pediatric acute care setting who is known to provide excellent patient care. Able to handle high acuity assignments, extremely calm under pressure and during medical emergencies with the ability to think clearly during emergencies or times of stress. Interested in transferring to the ______ at ____________ in order to further my nursing expertise.


    Family Nurse Practitioner/MSN
    Any College USA
    August 2012 - Present
    Currently studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Any College USA
    Graduated June 2011 with honors, Summa Cum Laude

    Diploma in Nursing
    Any College USA
    Graduated with Diploma in Nursing, December 1998


    Anytown Hospital
    February 1999 to December 1999

    Worked as a registered nurse on a medical/surgical unit. Responsible for caring for a wide variety of medical, surgical, and orthopedic patients.

    Another Hospital
    December 1999 to June 2008

    Registered nurse on an open-heart step-down/surgical telemetry/post coronary catheterization and intervention unit. Cared for patients pre and post open heart surgery, pre and post angioplasty and/or stent placement, and those with medically managed cardiac conditions. Extensive experience working with chest tubes, external pacemakers and pacing wires, epidurals, sterile incisions, and intravenous cardiovascular drugs, blood products, and insulin infusions.

    LTC Nursing and Rehabilitation
    July 2008 to August 2009

    Worked as a charge nurse, house supervisor, I.V. therapist, and MDS nurse. Multiple responsibilities ranging from direct patient care to preparing and submitting documentation to the state for Medicaid and Medicare/Insurance reimbursement.

    Anytown Children's Hospital
    October 2009- Present

    Currently working on the _______ unit. Responsible for caring for medically complex and fragile infants, children and young adults who also require the assistance of mechanical ventilation. Experience includes working with tracheostomies, ventilators including BiPap, and CPap machines.
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  3. by   Bayat
    Something to start with. Mind you, this is somewhat generic so look it over and add/change/delete what's needed for you to bring value to the new department. Add a few more transferrable skills that the new role requires and your have.

    Transitioning Registered Nurse
    Detail-oriented leader with 13-plus years experience in adult and pediatric nursing transitioning to career in acute care nursing within <company and/or department> utilizing professional expertise in areas of complex assessment, high-intensity therapies and interventions, and continuous nursing vigilance while creating environments that are healing, humane and caring for patients and their families.

    * Proven company record of reliability and responsibility.
    * Remain calm and professional throughout critical incidents.
    * Resourceful problem solver capable of implementing solutions to complex problems
    * Other professional value to offer

    Registered nurse in <state>, license number 99999999
    CPR certified by American Red Cross, <date>
    BLS certified by American Heart Association, <date>
    Other certificates

    * Med/Surg * Orthopedic experience * Angioplasty
    * Committed to compliance reporting * IV drug therapy management * Skilled cardiac care nurse
  4. by   KelRN215
    Your experience is backwards. Most recent experience belongs on top. Also, for an experienced nurse, EXPERIENCE should be placed before EDUCATION on the resume.
  5. by   SuzieVN
    I'd trim it down. You repeat registered nurse over and over. A lot of vague descriptions, also. It's clear you're not a chemical engineer, so why do you keep telling them you're a registered nurse?

    What is IV therapist?

    What is MDS nurse? Acute care wouldn't know what you are talking about. And the real title is MDS Coordinator, in the LTC industry.

    Also, every recent HR site now says not to put your street address or (snail) mailing address on a resume. Name, City, State, Phone, Email.

    You'll get there...
  6. by   EricJRN
    When I look over resumes, I approach the objective or the summary of skills with great skepticism. A caring, compassionate and calm disposition should really be a given; it won't set you apart, at least where I work. I think it just takes up space on the resume. If at all possible, I would rather see verifiable information (committee involvement, certifications, teaching/precepting, something like the DAISY Award, etc.).
  7. by   tippytootagon
    I'm sure there are those who would disagree with me but:

    I would leave off that you are currently pursuing your masters to become a FNP. From a hiring manager's perspective, why should I hire you and train you in a critical care unit, when you are just going to leave when you finish your masters? It doesn't add anything to your candidacy, and gives the hiring manager reservations about why they should be hiring you. I would leave it off.

    Second - bullets are your friend. Separate your job descriptions out with bullets. Try to focus on what you accomplished instead of what your day-to-day activities were. Did your manager recognize you for always having 100% perfect audits? Did you lead a unit partnership council? Did you always get positive patient feedback & recognition through a star program or something similar? Basically, you don't want to just say "I did this", but rather "I did this, and I was awesome at it, and here's the proof."

    I would put your experience first, and put your education at the bottom.