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Hi everyone, I have recently passedthe NCLEX exam and received my RN license (and everything seemed to be goinggreat for a little while). However, now that I have started looking for employmenthas found that transitioning from... Read More

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    Highlight clinical experiences, starting with senior practicum including number of hours. Resume does not have to be one page. Should probably not be more than 2.5 pages. After each listing of clinical experiences, put a short paragraph highlighting responsibilities during clinical and any observation experiences. Include recent customer service type jobs on resume. If your GPA is high, put on the resume. Join the ANA, put that on resume under professional organizations. Student organizations work here too. Get ACLS certification. Start volunteering at local hospitals. Call nursing clinical instructors who are also staff nurses to see if their units are hiring and if they can put in a good word with their manager.
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    Hello, I just graduated from ADN program in Dec 2013, passed my NCLEX about a week ago, and I am trying to brush up on my resume. I also don't have any medical experience since I wasn't allowed to work off campus for being an international student. I did some volunteering work, however, I really want to put my academic part (dean's list, honor's) and I don't want to take up too many lines that would possibly make the resume longer than 1 page.

    Does anyone can show some sample resume for new grad with following conditions:

    1. no medical experience
    2. Pending result on Texas Board website for licensure (I did pass)
    3. Dean's list spring 2012, Spring 2013, and Fall 2013. Honor's list Fall 2012 (How do i format this)
    4. have separate section "Skills" and listed being a bilingual and speaking conversational Spanish.

    Any tip will be appreciated. Thank you very much!
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    Thank you so much for asking this question! I am in the EXACT same boat! I graduated this past Dec., passed NCLEX on Jan. 10th and have been on the job hunt. I have no background in anything medical. I have over 13 years of service industry experience, so I have to convince the hiring manager that my skills I have attained through serving, will transfer well in to nursing. It is very tough where I'm from and am now branching out of state. I really needed resume help!!! I just changed mine all around. I hope it is better than my last one! Thank you everyone for your input!!!

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