New Grad RN to pursue do I indicate on resume? - page 2

Hey all! I'm a new grad RN from an associate's program. I've started my job search but I'm in need of some resume advice- I'm currently taking pre-req course work at a community college towards my BSN. I've applied to a fairly... Read More

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    Unless you are actually accepted and enrolled in a BSN program you can't put it on your resume. However, as others have stated if you are enrolled in a BSN program and have an anticipated completion date that is fine.

    Something like

    Ohio University
    Bachelors of Science in Nursing
    Currently Enrolled, Anticipated completion May 2014

    Would be fine.

    Just say you are currently enrolled in a BSN completion program and anticipate completion in x month of x year in a cover letter. Not really much to say there.

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