New Grad - Need Help with Nursing Resume Please

  1. I am graduating in December and I am starting to convert my business resume into a nursing resume so I can start looking for jobs soon! I have no idea how to make a nursing resume and my school doesn't offer any help. I winged one and I was hoping someone could critique it for me!

    Many thanks in advance! I am hoping to get into a new grad nurse internship or fellowship, preferably into an ICU or ER. There are 4 that I am interested in that are located where I live and 3 of them are at the hospital where I am currently employed.

    I do not want to do a RN-BSN program as the hospital where I work is part of a university and I am eligible to direct enter into their MSN program without a BSN, but would be willing to do so if it came down to getting a job or not.

    Resume is in Microsoft Office format and is attached to this posting! Thank you!
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  3. by   eleectrosaurus
    Not bad at all, for a new grad I like the education at the top but I'm just nit-picking. Alot of white space with the left colum, but again nit-picking, Very impressive work exp for a new grad.

    Looks like you have alot going for you for a new grad, good luck!
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Agreed, usually education, licenses and credentials go first in a new grad resume as you have yet to work as a nurse. You can delete the "references available upon request" as that is pretty standard and understood. You did a nice job make a short, to the point summary of your different jobs.
  5. by   smn2010
    i suggest:

    * change your font to times new roman, it will look more professional.

    * not sure why you used a table format. removing the table format allows for more spacing on the page.

    * not sure why but your font changes from 9-10 throughout each section so your square "bullets" are not the same size when the change occurs.

    * you are using single and double dashes within our text and it is easily noticed. determine which you prefer (1 dash or 2 dashes) and make it consistent throughout. note: when you type two (2) dashes together and then hit the space bar, you get a longer "dash" appearance. take a look at your resume with this in mind and you will easily notice the difference.

    * remove the entire column that contains your name and address. it is taking up too much space that could be used in the sections below. place your name/address at the top of your resume--and centered (or at the left margin). you could even place a double line border under it (going the full length of the page) as a separator for the address and body of your resume.

    * you have a 6pt and 12pt spacing throughout your resume. much too much. if your preference is to utilize point spacing rather than a carriage return, after your name/address, change your spacing to 2pt before/2pt after your headings (employment history, clinical experience, etc.); then use single spacing throughout your resume, except where i referenced above. once you change your spacing, you could retain your section headings at the left margin but indent each section's information a "little" more and your section headings will stand out more.

    * in your clinical experience, if you were at the same hospital for mulitiple courses, list the hospital only once. (i.e. abc hospital, 06/2011-12/2011 and 01/2012-03/2012 - cardiology/medical-surgical i and ii). also don't use italics for your dates, just place them in parenthesis followed by a colon.

    * remove the "references" section. all employers are aware that references will be provided when requested; so it's not necessary to place this on your document.

    i tried all of the above myself using your document will now have a one page resume now!!!

    i used to prepare resumes as a part-time job so i'm just providing my two cents....
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  6. by   eleectrosaurus
    9pt font is pretty small imo, and it looks very crammed into 1 page.
  7. by   eleectrosaurus
    Here's another option
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    If one has worked in the same place for over 20 years, is it necessary to list other places of employment?
    One was as a Jewelry Consultant (sales) at a jewelry store, the other as selling auto policy and doing clerical duties.
    Or is it best to just limit it to one. I did not volunteer much as I could not handle working full time and also nursing school. I plan to remedy this now by volunteering as this semester I only have one pre-requisite class to enter the BSN in 2013.
    Advise please.