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Moving To Puerto Rico For Nursing School at UMET!? - page 6

I've read many different things on different threads on this site and it was very informative, by the way. Let me start by saying that I am an African American female in the Air Force (Active duty)... Read More

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    If you have a ba then you can get into the accelerated program and finish much quicker. There are a few tricks you can do there to also finish faster but it takes some more effort.
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    Please let me know the tricks, and I have know idea when classes actually begin because I haven't spoken to anyone significant. Do you happen to remember? What I gather its sometime in August and others habe spoken about a November start date. What if I go and they go "you weren't accepted, why are you here" that would be kind of hilarious. Also, I would have to give notice to work. Would be good to know for sure i was a go..I shouldn't go quitting all willy nilly. I would really love the tricks you speak of to accelerate the process. Hey , you never spoke about if you took and passed the nclex. Did you feel prepared? Thanks again for your response, this forum is assume .
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    I wouldn't worry about it at all about being accepted, its a sure thing. Maybe because they start at both dates. It really begins in August but its a trimester program so about 3 month classes. You can take summer classes so that would make you finish 3 months quicker, you can test out of English and Spanish classes, you can add additional classes to your trimester beyond their predetermined schedule, you can also take classes at the bayamon campus. I take the nclex in 7 days so I'll let you know. Message me if you have anything else. I'd be happy to help
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    Wow! good luck . I wish I could message you but I have not yet posted enough. You have been a wonderful help and it is appreciated. I realy will be waiting for your update on the test.
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    Hello I'm based in California and will be applying to la inter this year .have you started the program already or do you have any information regarding finishing nursing school at la inter and coming back to California . Thanks

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    The 2 yr accelerated program (evening) for those who already hold a bachelors or just have a couple of classes to take before completing their first degree is completely in English. Even if you don't have a degree you can still be placed in the accelerated program if you have met all/most of pre-reqs. but this is at discretion of the program's director. The day program is a traditional 4 yr program in Spanish (for those starting off as 1st year of college). I do know the school has some English classes so somebody who is starting out could probably finish the whole BSN in English. All science classes even those held in Spanish have English textbooks. Hope it helps.
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    Hello darling I will be attending UMET in August for their ASN or BSN I would like some advice though. I live in Hallandale Beach and I see you live in West Park. I am a new user but I ALWAYS USE ALLNURSE for advice. How can I send you direct messages on here Jen?