Moving To Puerto Rico For Nursing School at UMET!? - page 6

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I've read many different things on different threads on this site and it was very informative, by the way. Let me start by saying that I am an African American female in the Air Force (Active duty) and I'm researching the idea to... Read More

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    I planning on moving to PR from Caribbean island St.Maarten. I want somebody to help me in which school is good and what I is recommended to do before I start
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    I hope UMET is better organized in PR that it is in Metro Orlando. too many changes, too short notice. Most of us work and we had had to change our schedules several times because of poor organization. it is frustrating!
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    Quote from Cali_girl2014
    Hi IstSmile,
    INTER has anatomy, physio and micro built into the program, and they are not seperate. how does that effect me back in California when i try to go to Masters program for nursing?
    As a graduate, I can tell you that you'll need to bring the board paperwork to the Asst Dir (or whomever is in charge of it then) and they'll give you a letter that details what the board is requesting. And you're good to go!