Medication that turns skin bluish? Medication that turns skin bluish? | allnurses

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Medication that turns skin bluish?

  1. 0 I got a test question stating a patient is taking a medication that is turning his skin bluish. I was asked to identify the likely medication. Silver was not one of the options. I can't remember the other options. Anyone know?
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    That would be amiodarone...
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    Another thing to consider ...
    When the skin turns bluish or purplish, it could be due to the lack of oxygen in the blood or anemia. The oxygen-poor blood is bluish red in color. Women suffering from pneumonia, long diseases and some heart problems are troubled with this type of pigmentation too.
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    Agree with Jan. Amiodarone (Cordarone) is likely.

    Extended use of minocycline has also been associated with a blue-gray discoloration of the skin.
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    Does amiodoarone really turn skin blue-ish? I had no idea, I have even given that med before. Why does it do that? Anyone know? I COULD look it up, but if someone wants to share
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    this is really old.....and perhaps the mode of action has been proven to be otherwise, but interesting.....and i cant say that i remember this from school.....and this article predates EVEN me....schooling that
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    I think methotrexate turns the skin bluish too
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    What about Coumadin...the purple toe syndrome? Interesting about amidoraone...didn't know that!
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    Thanks guys. I think Amiodorone was one of the options.
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    I had a psych pt during a rotation in school whose skin was BLUE without doubt. You could pick it out from quite a distance away. It would seem to wax and wane in intensity from day to day. The nurses told me it was a reaction to Thorazine--my drug guide lists 'pigment changes' as a potential side effect. The nurses also said that this was permanent and pt had for several years now.