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    Hi All,
    Does anyone know if permanent marker is okay on plastic syringes as long as giving med/vaccine soon after drawing up? (i.e. leaching through plastic to med?) I cannot find any information on the subject, only on not using permanent marker on IV bags. Thanks for any input!
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    use a small piece of tape instead....
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    I use a permanent marker on IV bags, but not on syringes that takes too much time
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    I've used permanent market on IV bags too.
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    I have put a small dot with a sharpie on a oral syringe to show myself where to draw up to the 0.5ml mark since it was not clearly stated and my eyes aren't the best in a hallway with poor lighting at 10pm at night. lol
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    Our policy is tape or pre-printed labels only, even iv bags. No one will give me any rational except its policy. I still use my sharpie on the tape.
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    i use a small sticky label folded over so i can see the markings

    why use [ermant marker on iv bags what do u write on the bags.

    if i label a bag i use a sticky label or if ive added a 2nd medicine to a bag we have speical labels
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    are you writing on the syringe to identify what's in it? we will tape the syringe to the bottle we drew from, after all, I may not need that ativan right now... but in 15 minutes I might need it in a big hurry... Not always the best practice I know, but sometimes you have to think ahead.
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    Thanks for all of the replies. I should have been more specific to avoid confusion, sorry! In the past when I gave vaccines I wrote a small stripe in permanent marker on the syringe barrel to remind me which vaccines are subcu. A small part of the marker was in the vaccine area. I didn't ever think twice about it possibly leaching through but now am worrying a lot over it. Hindsight is 20/20 but I wish that I had used a different 'reminder' for myself. Thanks!
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    I saw a nurse today make a little X on the bottom of the plunger. I don't think there would be any danger in that. Or you could just put a little piece of tape on the SQ ones.

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