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Looking for ways to make the daily heparin injections easier on my patients. Some are pretty bruised and one cried the other day. I do everything the way I should but it hurts them so much; I don't think its my technique as... Read More

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    Use a brand new needle. Usually the doc orders 5,000 units (1cc vial) of heparin SQ Q12H. We have prepackaged 3cc syringes with a 23-gauge 1" needle. I'll use that to draw it up and then switch out for brand new 5/8" needle. No one has really ever said a word but it also depends on the patient.

    And PLEASE rotate sites!!!! I took care of a patient who was getting Lovenox injections in the same side/area for 3 days and there was a TON of bruising and it felt like a VERY hard mass in the area I don't know what that nurse or those nurses who had this patient before me were thinking
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    Quote from Sunny3766
    What is the reason to have them wiggle their toes? Any rationals?
    Distraction. I have them take a deep breath in while I count to 3. When I say 3 they blow out hard, like blowing out candles and I go for it. I've had many people say they didn't even realize I was done. Distraction is a great thing! lol
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    Quote from MIA-RN
    what is the purpose of the air bubble? Is it for pain control? Do you inject the air bubble too?
    Air bubble "locks" medication in place and prevents leakage and other post said, "bruising."

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