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Hi all! One of my Friends stated when giving an im injection to a patient- the arm seemed to pulsate once. (an area of the skin depressed in for a second). Why does this happen? Also I'm starting flu clinics tomorrow. I... Read More

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    I just got my HepB updated an Tdap in my R and L arms and the lady who did mine was awesome. I made sure my muscles were relaxed, and she darted me and injected the vaccine. Could hardly feel it. Less time in the muscle the better. As long as they're not emaciated I don't see a reason not to dart them. It's not like your inserting the needle to the hub, so I unintentional intrathecal injection is rare.

    I would even go as far to say don't even worry about aspirating in the deltoid in a healthy individual if you know your landmarks, because there is no major arterial supply on the lateral deltoid and the gauge of the needle is too small for serious concern of arterial infiltration.

    Current evidenced based (CDC's on board with this) practice and IAC (immunization action coalition) actually suggest it is best practice NOT to aspirate for vaccinations: IAC Express Issue 891

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    i agree with eveyone else, definatly dart, when i went to get the gardasil vaccine a few years ago the girl doing it went in super slow, then look at least 15-20 sec. to push the vaccine in, I was about to kick her it hurt soo bad.

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