Felt so bad, haven't checked if the patient have an iv. - page 2

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I felt so bad! The nurse told me that the patient have an iv access. I haven't checked it since I trusted the nurse who gave me the report. Now a nurse wrote me up for not properly assessing the patient. Is there a case in which... Read More

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    Everyone else pretty much said it.

    I'm wondering though, if you had back-to-back admissions the whole shift, where was your charge nurse in all of this? Were your coworkers getting slammed with admits, too? If a nurse is transferring a lot of patients (or discharging them) and in turn getting a bunch of admissions, that nurse should pick up a patient or two from another nurse that way the admissions will be equal, and one person isn't getting stuck with all of them. We do this where I work to make it fair. Same goes for if someone gets called in. A couple of nurses will give up their patients that way a nurse won't get an admission back-to-back.

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