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Drug guide question

  1. 0 There are different ways to read this and I'd like to know the correct way.

    Regarding a Full Term, 9lb, 1 day old.

    Here's what the drug guide says:
    (Neonates full term and/or >1 wk) Weights/dose follow
    (Neonates premature and/or </= 1 wk) Weights/dose follow

    The and/or makes it a bit confusing, which group does the baby fall into? I've gotten differing opinions.
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    I'd get a different drug guide. The one you have makes no sense at least to me. What drug is this for?
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    It's Davis's (13th edition). Gentamicin on page 132.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks it doesn't make sense....
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    I agree, get a different drug guide because that information is very confusing.
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    I am assuming this is a question for school - please don't rely on my interpretation if you are asking this question in order to administer this drug. I agree this information is confusing. I am looking at Davis's Drug Guide (not sure which edition) on my Ipod, and I think where it says (Neonates full term and/or > 1 wk) it means specifically full term neonates, including full term neonates greater than one week old (the section above gives doses for children 1 month - 5 years). I think where it says (Neonates premature and/or </= 1 wk) it means premature neonates including premature neonates less than 1 week old. So it seems to me that your Full term, 9lb, 1 day old, would fall in to the first category (Neonates full term and/or > 1 wk).

    I am not sure that I am right, but this is my interpretation.
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    According to this, bc of the "or," the baby fits into both categories. Doesn't make much sense.
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    The full term infant is categorized in the "full term" section...