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Confused about Carpuject??? - page 2

So why are Carpujects used? Is it to help control drug diversion? Is it somehow safer? I am so confused about the purpose of them because it doesnt change the way you administer the med. If its... Read More

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    Quote from linearthinker
    I think the point was to go needless....
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    Quote from newexcitednurse
    Altra. I saw something online about it being used by facilities for drug diversion control but I am not sure how or why.
    When they first came out in the late 80s, the packaging allowed for only the unit being removed to have the seal broken- so it was easier to see at a quick glance if something was missing. Not like the boxes of 25 ampules or vials (vials being easier for diversion, as some would refill with normal saline and somehow reattach the plastic top well enough to get by). There was a grouping of 5 units per plastic "frame"- the top plastic notch was sort of like the old cassette tape (or VHS tape) tabs- and once removed, not replaced without being obvious.

    Tubex units had fairly flexible rubber covers over the needles; Carpuject had the hard plastic- two different brands, that were not interchangeable in the holders when they came out ( I think Tubex was first, as Carpuject became somewhat more preferred because of the removable needle unit, and ability to use it as a vial). Tubexes didn't have the option to remove the needle (so not a needleless system in the 80s, though were viewed as preferable with the growing AIDS problem in the mid- late 80s, and the acceptance of Universal Precautions, and not recapping syringes).

    Needleless systems didn't really become standard until the mid-late 90s... whether hospital, LTC, or other healthcare setting.
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    Ours come in individual plastic tubes with a paper seal, so not really possible to open without breaking the seal.....
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    Threw it in the sharps container the first time I used one - THEN I swore very loudly in front of my pt and my preceptor. Fortunately, my preceptor was very calm and cool, and so was my pt. After getting the initial blush out of the way - for throwing the carpujet away or swearing, I'm not sure - we all got a pretty good kick out of it... TWO lessons learned on that one!
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    I hate 'em. I just use the plunger from an insulin syringe... Much easier. I don't know a single nurse who uses them.
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    I prefer to use syringes. We do have carpujects in our pyxis, though.
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    I liked using carpujets, but I lost mine a few years ago and just never replaced it. It does save a step of having to draw up medication in a separate syringe.
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    I love my Carpuject, and you will have to rip it out of my cold, dead hands. And, yes, I threw my first two into the sharps container. I bought my own off of Amazon (and gave some of them to my co-workers) because of the guilt of asking pharmacy for yet another one for myself.
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    Helps with the whole needle less system as well. Just added safety measures. The needle less connectors we use to draw up Meds are kinda large compared to a needle so it's a bit of a pain to use on those as well to draw up.
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    I use the 'ject for 99.9% of medication administrations. I work on an impatient hospice unit and give my fair share of morphine, Dilaudid and Ativan!! I have at least 2 in my pockets at all times. The pharmacy keeps plenty of them stocked for us!
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    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    I don't understand how carpujects could possibly cut down on diversion.
    I waste so much morphine and dilaudid from carpujects it seems like diversion would a bigger problem.
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    Quote from missy--kay
    I use the 'ject for 99.9% of medication administrations. I work on an impatient hospice unit and give my fair share of morphine, Dilaudid and Ativan!! I have at least 2 in my pockets at all times. The pharmacy keeps plenty of them stocked for us!
    When I was a home health and hospice aide I would occasionally fill in at the hospice residence my company ran. The LPN was like Wyatt Earp with those bad boys.
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    Its just super fast vial was defective the other night so i had to draw it out and its a a minute or two more work your wasting yet another syringe and needle.