Alcohol swabs and iv access ports

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    Does anyone know of any articles that state that it is ineffective to swab iv ports with alcohol. I have heard it both ways...always swab..then I've heard it isn't effective...any clues?

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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    What information do you have? What do you need this for?

    Google is your friend.....Let me google that for you
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    I just love how you do that Esme12 Doesn't take much to amuse me LOL
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    Go to Let me google that for is a great search engine. It always gives great results.
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    Oh I know all about google.. I was referring to your link and how it types in the search box then shows the results lol.. I only have ever seen that with your links using google
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    The link below is a study about disinfection of IV catheter hubs.

    American Nurse Today

    Important point:

    The inoculated access ports that hadn’t been disinfected grew 103 organisms. No microorganisms were recovered from any port that had been disinfected for 15 seconds with alcohol alone or chlorhexidine/ alcohol. Investigators concluded that scrubbing a catheter access port for 15 seconds with friction using either alcohol or chlorhexidine/alcohol was effective in sterilizing mechanical valve ports inoculated with a 105-CFU suspension of microorganisms. Results were the same whether the valve was made with positive, negative, or neutral displacement technologies.
  9. 0 may give you some information you were looking for, particularly pages 20 and 54-55. While bloodstream infections associated with peripheral IV's is low, and primarily caused by skin flora present during insertion, I believe it's still recommended that you "scrub the hub" for 15 seconds prior to accessing any port.
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    The site is
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    I always use alcohol swap when I access IV line. If I don't I feel awkward. I know many nurses do not but I don't think that related to theory alcohol swap ineffective. It is rather saving them time and not a good practice. If I was a patient, you bet I will make sure you do if you don't rub that port.
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    I always "scrub to hub". I always figure, this is a direct entry line to the blood stream so it should at least be clean.

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