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a thank you to you all!

  1. 13 I'm a new grad and I work LTC so I rarely deal with IVs, but lately I've been doing a lot of them. I've been having trouble priming IV tubing without getting a zillion little air bubbles, so I searched it on here and within seconds had an answer...sliding the roller clamp closed before priming the drip chamber and then opening it...and I tried it last night at work and it was great! I had only a couple tiny air bubbles.

    Thanks to everyone who is supportive and helpful in these forums! You all are awesome
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    Glad our members IV advice helped you.
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    I'm going to try this tomorrow because I always get air bubbles in my timings
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    Quote from canchaser
    I'm going to try this tomorrow because I always get air bubbles in my timings
    It is the best! Keep the tubing coiled too while you prime it as I read it works better. When it reaches the end of the tubing and starts dripping then close the clamp and hook it up to the patient!
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    Good to know about this.
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    AN is AWESOME!!!!!
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    Just at the end, pull your tubing taunt and then flick it a couple times with your finger. The itty bitty bubbles clinging to the tubing will rise up into the drip chamber. Flick the ports along the tubing too to clear the air also.
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    Thanks for the advice and posting!

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